10 Best Wireless Earphones under Rs 2000

    Wireless earphones have progressively become more affordable. These ten ear...

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    Wireless earphones have progressively become more affordable. These ten earphones, all of which are available for less than Rs 2,000 will provide you with foot-tapping music without spending a lot of money.

    Using wireless earphones is no longer considered a luxury item of clothing. They are vital additions in a world where more and more smartphones are completely eschewing wired audio connection functionality.

    Consequently, like with every device that has progressed from being a luxury to becoming a need in recent years, Bluetooth earphones have also grown increasingly more affordable.

    With the approaching festive season in India, electronic devices such as wireless earphones have risen to become one of the most popular categories of products purchased as gifts for friends and family.

    The following are ten best wireless earphones under Rs 2000 that you can purchase at a discounted price right now. Each of these earphones has a price tag of less than Rs 2,000. And these are the greatest solutions available for those who want superb audio performance without having to spend a lot of money.

    1. OnePlus Bullets wireless Z

    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z headphones are the company’s third pair of wireless earphones, and they were released in May 2020. Interestingly, these new OnePlus headphones are the most cheap that the company has released so far, much like the hotly touted low-cost OnePlus Z.

    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, which is available for Rs. 1,999, should appeal to a wide range of consumers because it offers high-quality performance at a low price. There’s no radically different design on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z; the headset looks the same as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 which was launched in 2019.

    The earphones and neckband look the same with the same buttons as well, but small changes in the colour of the accents, as well as the new OnePlus logo on the neckband signify that this is indeed the newer ‘Z’ headset.

    Aside from a few minor cosmetic tweaks, the design of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is virtually identical to the design of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, which was released earlier this year.


    • Looks good
    • USB Type-C, fast charging, excellent battery life
    • Useful Quick Switch feature
    • Decent sound for the price


    • No aptX support
    • Sound isn’t very detailed


    • The oneplus bullets z comes with 20 hours of battery life. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 which makes it superb in connectivity and it also certified with ip55 sweat and water resistant
    • Ten hours of music and films can be gotten from a single ten-minute charge. A full charge gives up to 20 hours of battery life, allowing you to continue listening to your favourite music. These all the features makes the oneplus bullets z the best earphones under Rs 2000.

    2. boAt Airdopes 391

    The boAt 391 wireless earbuds, which are equipped with the most recent Bluetooth v5.0 technology, provide steady and powerful connectivity. There are fewer connection drops, so you can enjoy a smooth wireless experience.

    The IWP technology is used in the boAt 391 earphone. It allows us to have a smooth match. All you have to do is take them out of the power case and they will automatically connect to the previous associated device.

    It has IPX4 water and dust resistance. Thus, you can take them to the gym or out for a morning run to get some exercise into their system. Now, instead of concentrating on the perspiration, concentrate on your workout. However, we anticipate that it will be IPX7, as we have seen in the boAt Airdopes 441.


    • Sound quality is good with deep bass
    • Call quality is also very promising.
    • Snapdragon Qualcomm chip inside


    • Only IPX4 certified, even lower than boat 381 model which is IPX5 certified.


    • The Airdopes 391 has a playback time of up to 4.5 hours in the earphones and 18 hours in the charging case, depending on the model.
    • It has Bluetooth v5.0 with a bandwidth of 10m and is usable with both Android and iOS devices, according to the manufacturer. Touch Controls are integrated into a lightweight, ergonomic design. Avatar Voice Assistant on the Spot
    • The boat airdopes 391 has great audio and bass. It also has cVc call noise isolation which helps in reducing the background noise while you are in a call. The case of the earphones is also small in size and with the great design and Touch Controls it is the best earphone in second place under Rs 2000.

    3. BoAt airdopes 441

    Until recently, the inexpensive true wireless audio category was dominated by tiny and specialised companies. The Boat Airdopes 441 is a feature-rich new headset and promises a lot for a very low price, including IPX6 water protection and USB Type-C charging.

    Plastic is commonly used in the construction of these earphones. Although there was some effort put into completing the earphones, they came out as a little shabby in my opinion.

    The earbuds’ fit is a little too snug, with the wings becoming uncomfortable after about 30-40 minutes of continuous use. Because the wings can be removed and the earphones are lightweight, they can be worn in the ears even when not wearing them. In normal use, the wings are not required.


    • IPX6 water resistance
    • Good touch controls
    • AAC Bluetooth codec support
    • USB Type-C port for charging


    • Excessive, often overpowering bass
    • Ordinary looks
    • Average battery life
    • Uncomfortable fit with the ear wings


    • Connection is made possible through Bluetooth 5, and the earbuds are driven by 6mm dynamic speakers with a frequency response range of 20,000 Hz.
    • There’s one major feature that distinguishes the Airdopes 441 from the competition in this segment: USB Type-C charging. The charging period is reasonable; the earphones  take approximately 90 minutes to fully charge.

    Many people will be drawn to the auditory characteristics, particularly those who appreciate the aggressive, bass-heavy vibe of music played in a nightclub setting.

    In each track, there’s just enough of it to be heard above and beyond the lows, and the bass adds a hearty helping of excitement and energy to the proceedings.

    The audio quality of these earphones is so good and bass lover people would love it. These all the features make this the best earphones in 3rd place under Rs 2000.

    4. Oppo Enco M31

    Oppo’s Enco M31 wireless earbuds are the company’s most recent pair of wireless headphones. Upon first glance, the Enco M31 appears to be a well-rounded device.

    It includes LDAC, Hi-Res Wireless Audio certification, IPX5 water resistance certification, and Ai-powered noise reduction for voice calls, all for a reasonably low price.

     They also have magnetised speakers, which means that when they are not in use, the two speakers click together, keeping them together and simultaneously turning them off.

    There are two problems with the Enco M31’s design– First and foremost, there is no simple method to distinguish between the left and right speakers with a single glance before you wrap the band around your neck. The earphones are a little difficult to distinguish from one another.


    • Using a single 9.2mm full range dynamic driver with PET titanium-plated composite diaphragms, the Enco M31 produces a rich, full-range sound. In addition to the Hi-Res Audio certification, Oppo claims that these are capable of reproducing frequencies of up to 40kHz.
    • Also available is “AI-powered” noise-canceling for background noise during calls, which ensures that the person you are calling can hear your voice more clearly when you are speaking. Because they are not active noise-canceling headphones, they will not cancel out any background noise for you.


    • Excellent sound quality
    • Comfortable
    • IPX5 rating
    • Incredibly well-priced


    • Unimpressive battery life with LDAC
    • Mediocre microphone
    • Inconveniently placed controls

    If the only thing that matters to you is music quality, the Oppo Enco M31 is an excellent choice. It also has an average battery life so it is the stands in the 4th place of best wireless earphones under Rs 2000

    5. boAt Rockerz 385v2 Wireless Neckband

    Boat Rockerz 385v2 wireless earbuds are a well-built, heavy-duty pair of neckband-style headphones.

    Materials such as metals, soft silicone, and a plushly coated neckband not only have a premium feel, but they also boost the overall durability of the product.

    The sound produced by the Boat 385v2 Wireless earphones is excellent. They have a very good overall sound profile, which will not only keep the listener interested but will also encourage them to ask for more.


    • When you listen to the bass, it has a tiny boost, which motivates you to push the headphones harder, and they don’t let you down. These earphones have been tuned so that the midrange is mellow and a little veil-like, and this is due to the tuning of the earphones.
    • Additionally, the treble is extremely quick, sparkling, and resolving, which makes the entire experience a very pleasurable one.
    • The microphone with CVC appears to be perfectly suited, and calls have become a common occurrence.
    • The fact that they have a long battery life of 40 hours and can be recharged in under an hour makes them even more appealing.
    • A true, seamless immersive auditory experience is provided by Qualcomm aptX and Qualcomm HD audio technology. In addition to being lightweight and adaptable, this ergonomic faux leather neckband also accommodates magnetic earbuds.


    • Sturdy, rich and premium build.
    • Splendid battery capacity.
    • Fabulous overall sound signature.


    • Slightly hollow mids.
    • Earbuds are a somewhat on larger side

    The inbuilt controls and built-in microphone make it simple to direct your music, control hands-free, and enable smart voice assistant features. You may also use the Dual Pairing feature to link the neckband to two devices at the same time.

    To summarise, the Boat Rockers 385v2 are an excellent purchase and may well be one of the best wireless earphones under 2000 Rupees available in India today.

    6. Sony WI-C200 Wireless Neck-Band

    The Sony WI-C200 is an in-ear wireless earphone with a neckband design that is simple and stylish, and it blends in seamlessly with your personal style.

    The design’s portability is enhanced by the fact that it weighs only 13g. With the magnetic housing and tangle-free wires, you can put an end to tangling troubles and storage problems for good.

    The metallic coating on the body gives it the high-end look and feel that everyone seeks in a vehicle. It allows you to have complete control over your music by allowing you to play/pause/skip a track or even attend/reject phone calls without any delay or complexity using the in-line control panel.


    The Sony WI-C200 is equipped with 9mm driver units. When not in use, the earbuds are held together by a magnetic casing, which makes it easier to store them.

    This also helps to prevent the earbuds from becoming tangled. The Sony WI-C200 is equipped with flat wires, which should aid in keeping it tangle-free.

    The WI-C200 is equipped with a three-button in-line remote control. When pressed, the central button performs a variety of functions, including answering calls and summoning the Google Assistant or Siri, depending on which smartphone is associated with the device in question.


    • HD Voice
    • 15h Battery Life
    • Quick Charging
    • Magnetic Housing &
    • Tangle Free
    • Metallic finish, Premium Look & Feel
    • Lightweight
    • 9mm Driver Unit For
    • Clear Sound Quality


    • Noise Cancellation
    • Waterproof

     You should now be familiar with all of the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the Sony C200 Bluetooth earphone. While it is a fine choice for casual and everyday use, the absence of splash proofing makes it unsuitable for sporting activities and activities involving water.

    Because it is a Sony product, both the sound quality and the battery life are excellent. If you purchase it, they will have no complaints about the fit, appearance, or feel and they are best wireless earphones under Rs 2000

    7. Boat airdopes 281

    Tune into Nirvana with the boAt Airdopes 281 TWS earbuds, which allow you to listen to your music in a completely wireless manner.

     In order to deliver immersive, high-definition sound, the TWS Airdopes 281 are equipped with 6mm Titanium alloy drivers.

    Bluetooth v5.0, the most recent version, provides seamless, instant connectivity.

     It has an IPX5 rating, which means it is resistant to perspiration and water splashes. It’s hard not to be impressed by the ergonomic design of the TWS Airdopes 281.


    • Airdopes 281  comes with 6mm titanium driver size on both earbuds which deliver powerful bass and an overall immersive aural and HD sound experience.
    • The build quality is also very good so that you can use it without any worries. These earbuds are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit on your ears and give no itch or pain in the ears even if you didn’t wear them off for hours.
    • Boat airdopes 281 has the latest Bluetooth V5.0 and can give connectivity up to 10 meters.
    • Using the 40mAh battery capacity of each earbud, you may enjoy a pleasant music experience for up to 3.5 hours at a time.


    • HD Sound quality with deep bass
    • call quality with noise cancellation
    • Very Stylish looking and attractive design
    • Comfortably fits on ears
    • great battery life


    • low in bass

    Overall, if you can get your hands on a Boat Airdopes 281 for a price of 1999, it will be an excellent deal for you. These earbuds have a playback time of only 3.5 hours, which is quite short.

     As a result, if you are addicted to playing PUBG for lengthy periods of time, a battery backup of 3.5 hours will not be enough. The Boat Airdopes 281 offers excellent sound quality and produces a smooth sound. So, if you’re looking for the best possible music experience, the Boat Airdopes 281 is the best wireless earphones under Rs 2000

    8. Realme buds wireless

    True wireless earphones are becoming increasingly popular, and it is possible that Realme will enter this market in the future months. For the time being, however, the company has opted for a more cheap alternative to wireless headphones: neckband-style earphones.

     In addition to the earbuds themselves, the headset has an elastic neckband with metal components at each end, as well as small wires that connect to the earphones.

     The design is straightforward, and the build quality is satisfactory. The device is small and lightweight, weighing only 30g, and it is easy to wear and use for extended periods of time.


    • The Realme Buds Wireless earphones are driven by 11.2mm speakers and feature Bluetooth 5 technology as well as support for the SBC and AAC codecs, among other features.
    • In addition to having a 12-hour battery life on a single charge, the earbuds are stated to provide 100 minutes of listening time on a single 10-minute charge when the battery is completely depleted.


    • Looks good
    • Light and comfortable
    • Detailed, rich sound for the price


    • Magnetic power switch is troublesome1
    • Inconsistent performance on voice calls

    With a starting price of Rs. 1799, the Realme Buds Wireless is a powerful device. This is a product that is worth considering simply because it contains everything you require at a reasonable cost.

    With a sturdy build, a long battery life, and a comfortable fit, this headset is an excellent choice. The realme buds wireless  are the best wireless earphones under Rs 2000 Also Read:- Best Bluetooth Headphones

    9. boAt Rockerz 600

    Boat Rockerz 600 is built to be as good as Premium Headphones in terms of build quality, but it costs far less. The headphones have a cool design and are quite compact, making them ideal for travellers. It also comes with a case that may be used for packing or covering.

    Boat Rockerz 600 contains all of the controls on the earcups, such as the ability to play or pause music, increase or decrease volume, and accept or reject phone calls, among other things.

    There is also a microphone built into this headphone, allowing you to make voice calls.


    • Boat Rockerz is equipped with 40 mm drivers that produce amazing sound quality and HD bass. The sound is crystal clear, and the bass has no effect on the sound quality at all.
    • Boat Rockerz 600 has Aux and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options, allowing you to live a wire-free life if you so desire.
    • Boat Rockerz 600 is equipped with a 300 mAh battery, which can easily give you a playback length of nearly 7 hours. It takes nearly 2 hours for the battery to reach 100% capacity.


    • great sound quality
    • deep bass
    • good looking design


    • not much comfortable
    • Average battery life

    Overall, the performance of this headset has been outstanding in every respect. It is on par with any high-end headphone in terms of quality. The synchronisation issue is something to keep in mind, but other than that, everything is in working order and is the best earphones under Rs 2000.

    10. boAt Airdopes 171

    BoAt is a brand that is fairly well-known in the Indian audio market these days. It is putting many well-known companies in the market through a difficult and head-to-head struggle.

    A large number of new products are being introduced into the market by this corporation virtually every day. When the boAt Airdopes 171 originally went on sale on Amazon, they were completely sold out within a day of going on sale.

    Because this product had so many amazing characteristics and was available at such a low price, it sold out in a short period of time. Likewise, as with the other earbuds from this business, these earbuds are really dependable and dependable.


    • Once completely charged, it has an estimated battery backup of 3 hours in earphones and 10 hours in a charging case, depending on how you use it.
    • It takes 2 hours for the Airdope to reach its full charging capacity.
    • It is equipped with Bluetooth v5.0, which operates flawlessly within a range of 10 metres.
    • It is possible to use these boAt Airdopes 171 with both Android and IOS devices.
    • These earbuds have an IPX rating of 4, which means they are resistant to water and perspiration.
    • Each earbud is equipped with a microphone that is built in.
    • These boAt Airdopes 171 are supplied with an additional pair of earmuffs that have been intended to be comfortable for the wearer.
    • Each earbud is equipped with a multifunction button that allows you to easily control the device.
    • It boasts an ergonomic design with controls that are easy to use.


    • great battery life
    • good sound quality
    • Comfortable to wear


    • bass is not good

    This device, the boAt Airdopes are good earphones to buy. To be completely honest, there are better things available on the market these days. However, with a cost of only Rs. 1499, the inclusion of so many features is a terrific deal and the best earphones under Rs 2000


    So these are the best wireless earphones under Rs 2000 if you want to buy today. These are all good in sound quality and they have different pros and cons. If you want to buy Best earphones in terms of sound quality with a good battery life then the one plus bullets wireless z and boat airdopes 391 will be a great choice.