Google is the messiah of this digital age and we can’t agree more. We rely on the search engines for the endless queries and searches. And, Google is the best of them all, especially in design, pace, and features. The query could be about any possible thing in the world and Google will have the answers, suggestions, and recommendations. We need Google for our educational research, official assignments, entertainment, and tons of other reasons. If you don’t have an internet subscription already, check out Charter Spectrum Internet price and subscribe to an internet package, because you essentially need it for your endless Google searches.

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    There are a number of extensions, which can be downloaded to make Google Chrome work even better. Extensions are small apps, which add some nice, extra features to a browser. If you ever had a chance to see Chrome Web Store, you would have seen dozens of amazing extensions. Typically, you will see tiny icons of your downloaded extensions and add-ons next to your URL field on Google Chrome. You can have endless abilities and functions if you add them to your browser.

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    Read on to find the best extensions for your Google Chrome and transform your online experiences.

    #1. Google Dictionary

    Using Google Search or to find the definition of an unfamiliar word hardly takes seconds but with Google Dictionary (Google Chrome Extensions), it is even quicker. You don’t have to open a new tab in order to find the definition of a particular word. All you need to do is to simply highlight it, and click the dictionary icon on your browser. To perform a search, you can simply type the word by clicking the icon.

    #2. Lazarus

    We all are conscious of the personal online data that we add to the online forms. We can totally relate to the frustration that one experiences if you lose this data. Especially when someone has spent ages filling the enormous, never-ending online tax or insurance form. You are dreading an error while you press the submit button. And, as you press the submit button, you find out that your session timed out, or the internet lagged, and your press the back button only to find that all data has been erased.

    Lazarus is the google chrome Extensions that helps you out in such frustrating circumstances. It saves the online data as you type it. You can encrypt your data and then it is stored locally, instead of being sent any to third-party servers. Download this convenient extension before a disaster strikes.

    #3. LastPass

    Logging automatically into different accounts and keeping your passwords is made easy with this google chrome extensions . Everyone wants to stay safe online and securing passwords is an essential need in this regard. While choosing passwords, we tend to come up with a difficult mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters to increase our password strength. But then, it’s not easy to remember such passwords and hence, we go back to our simpler and easier passwords and ignore the strength. After all, remembering something like, @#gk67bdgr!c is far difficult than remembering your date of birth.

    LastPass is right here to rescue us. It solves the problem and creates a strong and different password for every site that stores it locally in a secure encrypted vault. All you need to do is to remember the master password, and rest will be done by the extension itself. Enjoy the wonderful convenience.

    #4. Honey

    Are you also one of those who hates the newsletters and updates by different retailers that clog your email inbox? Frankly, no one likes them, even if they include coupons. Honey saves you from the annoyance and pulls up discount codes with a single press of a button. You don’t have to sift through all the boring, promotional content anymore. Once you have downloaded this Google Chrome Extensions , simply hit the Honey icon when you are checking out and it will present to you a handy list of codes alongside your shopping cart. It works with most of the popular shopping sites like Victoria’s Secret, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, and so on.

    #5. Stylish

    Stylish gives unattractive pages on the web a complete, new look with customizable color schemes. Web pages could be incredibly useful yet thoroughly ugly and that’s where the role of Stylish comes in. You can conveniently apply custom skins to the pages and give them an instant makeover so that, they are cool on the eyes. Some people get a headache if they read black text on a white background. You would love the abundance of themes, which are particularly designed for the sites such as Reddit, Google, Facebook, and so on. These themes also make video hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube and others pleasant to watch.

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    To enjoy these amazing Google chrome Extensions, all you need is a smooth internet subscription. If you are fortunate to fall in Spectrum service area, subscribe to one of their packages and explore some of these convenient extensions.

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