6 Essential Things For Your Camping Trip

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Camping is adventurous and exciting for people of all ages. Some people go on a camping tour to spend time with family and friends. Some prefer to go with strangers and look forward to long-lasting bonds. For kids, it is time to learn swimming, fishing, and go on long bike rides.

Camping makes one self-reliant. Right from pitching the tent to ensuring safety, it requires both courage and curiosity. It gives you an excellent opportunity to leave the comfort zone and to experience uncertainties. Whether you wish to spend some romantic time or satiate the adrenaline rushes, below, we give a few essential things that are a must for camping trips.

1.   A Perfect Tent And Accessories

Tents come in different fabrics and sizes. For short stays and backpacking trips, a lightweight tent made of nylon or polyester is preferable. But these are not suitable if the weather is too hot or too cold as they aren’t good insulators. In such situations, you can opt for canvas tent material. Canvas tents are more breathable, can sustain strong winds, and are more durable. The only flipside is these tents are heavier and require more maintenance.

One will also need pitching equipment like ropes, pegs, and poles. Also, depending on the weather conditions, you will have to take sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, etc. And, no camping is complete without an Ultra compact camping chair. A foldable chair with cup holders, armrests is all you need to enjoy the view and surroundings.

2.   First Aid Kit

On a campsite, you are most likely going to be away from a medical facility. Therefore, it is necessary to have emergency tools and medicines while camping. Make sure to have a tight box or a bag for the first-aid materials. One of the first things to include in it is insect spray and anti-itch medicines. Keep bandages, blister pads, antiseptic wipes, sanitizers, burn ointments, and hydrogen peroxide solution for preventing wound infections.

Sunscreens and moisturizers are a must based on the prevailing climate. It is essential to keep tools like tweezers, scissors, cold compresses, heat packs, and extra blankets. Tablets like painkillers, antipyretics, and antidiarrheal are must-haves in the first aid box. You can get many other essentials from Getkush Online Dispensary. Though one may not always need to use these items, it is always advisable to prepare for the worst.

3.   Portable Power Bank

A cell phone keeps you connected with loved ones, helps you send an SOS message, and seek help from the locals. But, a phone’s battery cannot sustain itself for long. You need an external charging source. Similarly, a digital camera, torch, and electric stove are some of the devices people carry while camping, and all these gadgets require power. Thus, a power pack is essential.

If you are camping for a longer duration, then you need a portable inverter generator. For the weekend camps, a power bank is sufficient. Nowadays, they come with detachable solar panels. Thus, you can enhance their energy storage during the day. For camping, you have to choose a power bank that is waterproof and rugged. Also, use cables supplied along with gadgets for charging. A low-quality wire can increase resistance, cause damage to the devices, and even result in an accident.

4.   Lighting Gadgets

One of the most overlooked components while packing for the camp trip is the need for lights. Many often think that the flashlight of the mobile phone is sufficient. At a campsite, it is often challenging to find small lights or phones in the backpack. So having head torches or glowsticks is desirable. Head torches are bright and help you navigate through a dark forest or pitch a tent at night. Glow Sticks are affordable, and you can attach them to the backpack or your belt. You can also use them to light up the interiors of the tent.

The tech-savvy people can go for voice-controlled portable lamps. Though lanterns have been around a long time, modern lanterns are lightweight and come with a USB port. Electric lanterns are brighter, and those camping in large numbers or for a long duration can carry one.

4. Camping Knife

A knife is a small yet absolute requirement for people going on a camping trip. There are chances that one has to bushwhack through the wilderness. While setting the campsite, you might need to clear the ground, cut ropes, etc. For such tasks, a knife is a common and handy tool. You use it for slicing fruits, cutting vegetables, and chopping meat. There are a variety of camping knives that you can choose from. However, a  Scandinavian grind knife is more suitable for camping.

6. Water Filter

Often, you may not carry water for the entire trip. So, people rely on external sources such as a tap or nearby waterbody. If the water is unsafe or contaminated, it leads to health issues like diarrhea. Therefore, you need a water purifier or filter. There are different types available such as chemical-based cleaners, UV light filters, etc. The kind of filter you choose depends on its weight, speed, and durability.

Final Thought

Camping allows you to surround yourself with nature. It can make you feel courageous and calm at the same time. But one has to prepare a little. List down the essentials and pack smartly for your next camping trip. Make sure to ease on your luggage and keep stuff that only facilitates your camping.

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