You can create a great impact on your target audience through the means of exhibitions thereby attracting your potential clients to businesses. You need to engage with the best exhibition stand builders who will help you make your stand a successful one as it is very important to stand out from the crowd generating greater number of footfalls.

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    The following are the six best ideas that will help you improve on your stand through the best exhibition stand designers who would allow you to get into your next exhibitions!

    1. Freebies

    Exhibitions bring around no exceptions as everyone would love their freebies. Simply giving out a pen will not be making a great exception here though it is the best freebie idea. Pen will not be attracting much of the attention if you give them away as freebies.

    You simply need to think out of the box here. You also need to make sure that you know what people actually want here.

    Give them a freebie that seems more than just a pen here. A small box of branded chocolates can also do wonders here.

    A USB memory stick can also be very useful here as they also contain whitepaper in them from your company that would feature the products and the benefits your company is offering to your valuable clients.

    You will get several innovative ideas that are bigger as well as better than just a pen here as you start researching about them.

    So, create a stand with an expert exhibition stand builder who would be able to provide you several more ideas.

    2. Entertainment

    You can attract your audience when you book an entertainers or a performer. This is the best way where you can make your exhibition stand a much more fun and interactive aspect.

    The venue regulations along with the cost of the acts of performance as among those few things that you need to consider on the first hand.

    It will create a great buzz about your exhibition stand design when there are entertainers to entertain the attendees.

    You need to perform the best research on your potential audience considering their preferred style of entertainment as you will be able to notice how well they can have an impact on the footfall of your stand as the trend that is being followed now is that of magicians and digital caricaturists.

    3. Incentives

    You can create a winning scenario with the offer of the incentives. You can not only generate the footfall but they can lead to further contact with that of your visitors here when you are providing your incentives along with the discounts and free demos.

    You need not forget about your existing crowd as well. You can invite them to the exhibition and offer those great incentives as well as competition too.

    This way you will get hands on to more visitors who would be approaching your stand with the improvement of client loyalty.

    4. Technology

    It is a great idea when you think of bringing about an interactive stand with the help of exhibition stand contractors.

    There are several amounts of technologies out there that can easily transform your stand into a great experience that the audience will be speaking of.

    5. Workshops & Seminars

    You can attract your potential audiences to your stand as workshops and seminars prove to be of great use.

    It is well enticing where you can learn many things about the rest with the friendly, more engaging and staff that are approachable here.

    You need to make sure that you know the amount of audience you are going to have for every seminar and tutorial is not that big as they lose engagement as exhibitions are noisy place.

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    If it is required here, you can well use the visuals for emphasizing on your main message with the use of microphone.

    6. Bespoke Stand Design

    The exhibition stand is one of the most important factors that stand out with the help of the ideas accessories that circulates around the stand.

    When you are looking forward to draw in your audiences along with the style and possibilities that are endless here, bespoke stands can help in a lot here.

    You need to ensure that you get it right as the stand can itself have a great impact on impression.

    To meet up your ideal concept, there are a huge range of choices that are available that includes the colors, branding, materials and several other factors.

    All these when combines with the right set of ideas you can stand out in the competition here.


    For the adaptation and the improvement of your existing exhibition stand there are simply few fresh ideas that are involved here. You will be amazed on how much further attractive they are along with their popularity that is there in your next exhibition when you apply these methods here.