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Divy is a tech writer at HiTechDroid. He especially enjoys writing about Android and has an obvious passion for Windows. He is also Admin of this Site.

What Makes Your Mobile App Slow? 4 Factors To Know Of Today

There could be umpteen reasons that your current mobile application is not ...
By Divy Patel

Is Buying A Refurbished Xbox One Worth It?

Are you looking for an original Xbox One? Maybe you want to upgrade your cu...
By Divy Patel
review of

Review of LottolandPro’s & Con’s

Lottoland is a company that offers fixed-odd options to bet on internationa...
By Divy Patel

What do you do if your Ethernet Port is not working on the wall?

Even while Wi-Fi speeds have improved dramatically in recent years, it̵...
By Divy Patel

All About Azure Cloud Services and Their Importance

Cloud computing gives companies the ability to quickly increase the number ...
By Divy Patel
How To Recover Deleted Files From Pendrive

How to Recover Deleted Files from Pendrive

A pen drive is a handy tool for people with several devices. It serves to s...
By Divy Patel
How To Use Google Docs, Google Docs Guide

How to Use Google Docs

It’s a bit overwhelming to get used to Google Docs at the start becau...
By Divy Patel
Download Miracle Box Latest Version

Download Miracle Box Tool Latest V3.07

What is Miracle Box Tool? Miracle Box Tool is To Fix Smartphone Problems Wh...
By Divy Patel

How To Make Esports Tournament Website?

Esports industry has seen tremendous growth in the iGaming industry over th...
By Divy Patel

How to Unlock Amazon Firestick TV Full Potential (Expert Tips & Tricks)

Conveniently available as a powered-up content streaming utility, the Amazo...
By Divy Patel

How To Watch HBO Max In Canada

HBO Max is the ultimate content destination for all the Hollywood movie fre...
By Divy Patel

Are your Accounts and Personal Data Secure?

The average person has at least ten digital accounts and we typically use t...
By Divy Patel
trends changing Custom Software Development

Why is iOS app development domineering over Android?

If you ask any gen-z about which phone they would prefer, then Apple will b...
By Divy Patel

Social Media Strategies to Improve Your SEO

You may use social media to increase traffic to your website. You may enhan...
By Divy Patel

How To Hack WiFi Password

Everyone Ask The Question: How To Hack WIFI Password? Is there software tha...
By Divy Patel
how to download whatsapp status

How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Any App

WhatsApp was first designed as an alternative to SMS. But, nowadays WhatsAp...
By Divy Patel
How to Root Android Phones with PC

How to Root Android Phones

Modern cellphones are technological wonders. You can locate any piece of in...
By Divy Patel
Common WiFi Issues and How To Resolve Them

Common WiFi Issues and How To Resolve Them.

If with the best WiFi set up, there are likely to be flawed. There are simp...
By Divy Patel