Imagine you are in a situation of doing something, and you are stuck at work, and then the phone rings. It is a very common human physiology that for a split second, you can get distracted and end up ruining critical work.

This situation shows that they did not get distracted because of the phone’s ringing, but they all got tense because a part of the brain wants to know who’s calling. Obviously, you cannot know who has called unless you pick up your phone.

Installing these kinds of apps is very easy on your phone. You can go to the Google Play Store and look for call name announcer apps. There are a large number of caller name announcer apps for Android.

Here is a list of some of the best caller name announcer apps you can use on your Android. This will, in turn, help to let you focus on work entirely!

1. Caller Name Talker

Caller Name Talker is considered one of the best caller name speaker apps that you can find on Android. It generally reads out the name of all of your callers SMS senders. It will also speak out about any other notification regarding the communication services on your smartphone. This application also speaks up about the low battery notifications. It is a handy app as it will also give you voice alerts for any applications where you will get messages such as Gmail, WhatsApp, IMO, WeChat, LINE and Telegram. It also has a unique feature to read all of your notifications from these apps. You have to enable this feature from the settings.

Caller Name Talker

This call name announcer app also provides many other options for doing any readout functions. Here you can even set the delay time for any alerts. You can even put in the custom messages before and after the person’s names, and even you can select the ringtone volume while the alert name plays and many more.

Download: Caller name Talker on android

2. Speak caller name

This is an entirely different app from the first one. It is also a favourite caller name announcer app, but the only problem is that it does not have a good UI. It also has all the essential features that a good caller name announcer app should have. Here you can let your phone announce the names of all of your saved contacts as well as of the unknown numbers too.

Here this app will also read all of your SMS alerts along with all of its contents. Here there are a large number of customizable settings. Some of them are the one tap to disable or enable the functions, turn on or off all the voice alerts over the ringtone, and you will also get the feature of text-to-speech settings.

The main problem here is that it often lacks most of the additional features that a good app should have.

Download: Speak caller name on android

3. Caller Name Announcer Pro

If you are a person that wants a caller name announcer app that will also act as an application with a caller ID, then here you should check out the Caller Name Announcer Pro. This comes with a smartly designed UI, and this app also features sound voice alerts for your calls and your SMS. Here you can make the app read out all the contents of the messages sent to you via SMS.

Caller Name Announcer Pro

Here you will also get a widget that you can use to toggle all the voice alerts quickly ON or OFF from your home screen itself. Here you can use it if you need to put your phone in silent mode. This is an app that is very easy to use.

This app will also help you to play with the audio settings. They may include hanging the pitch settings and also the voice speed. It would be best if you tried it out.

Download: Caller name Announcer Pro on Android

4. Speaking SMS & Call Announcer

This is a speaking SMS & also a call Announcer. It is a feature-rich caller name announcer app. Like all the caller name announcer apps, it also has a lot of proper functioning voice alert functions for all kinds of calls and messages.

Here it also reads out all the letters with the help of the Android’s built-in or text-to-speech system. There is also a standout feature in it which is known as the “Battery Announcer”. It generally allows you to set a basically custom threshold so that you can get notified about any low battery levels through voice.

Here another nifty feature of the app is that it allows you to choose between reading and the unknown phone number or read out the “unknown”. There is also a “Filter Contact” feature, a notable feature that will let you assign a specific list of contacts.

5. Caller Name Speaker

Here, this Caller Name Speaker announces the name or the number of any incoming call, and it also reads all the contents present in the SMS. This application also has an amazing Flash Light Alert on Call feature. This will help to alert you with the blink of your flashlight at any time when your phone has an incoming call.

Caller Name Speaker

In other words, it is the app that minimizes all of your efforts to know all the necessary calls and your SMS without touching your phone. This app is highly applicable in any situation when you are not around your device. This app also has a language change option that makes it one of the best caller name announcer apps for any Android user.


You can try all these Caller Name Announcer Apps on your phone. So here are some of the apps that will make your life a bit easier by simply helping you know about all of your callers when you are in a position where you cannot even glance at your phone. A large number of other apps also claim that they will bring the caller name announcer functionality, but many of them are all littered with all types of annoying ads. So you can use any of these apps as mentioned above and take advantage of them.