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    Finding the Best quality earphones is not an Easy Task. especially with a b...

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    Finding the Best quality earphones is not an Easy Task. especially with a budget like 1000 Rupees, There are Majority of Earphones are comes with the worst audio quality. In this article, We have provided the best earphone list and why there are the best among others.

    We Reviewed a ton of Products at this price range, run all tests, compared with other earphones and try to provide you best budget earphones with no compromise in audio quality and look. 

    In this List, Some of them are used by me and I also try to add my Personal Experience with that gadget. So, let’s jump into the list.

    How to Choose the Best Earphone?

    Here, We choose the Best Earphone for various things. Firstly, we only focus on the sound quality like the Sound is Clear? Punchy bass or not? The Brand is providing the best service (like giving warranty, different types of size in earbuds) or not?

    The second thing, we see is the Build Quality. What Material used to build this product? The Cable is good or not? How much Durability of this product? The Mic is work properly with the calls? The product is worth buying? The Earphone fit properly on the ears?

    1. Sony MDR-EX150AP

    I have put this Earphone in the 1 Number Because I bought it for my personal use. And I must say that this earphone is one of my favourites headsets. As you know, Sony Company is known for their best sound-related gadgets.

    This Product has 9 mm Neodymium Drivers, which can give you excellent base sound and you will able to listen to the music with clear sound. Another good feature is that it gives you a premium experience. : I really appreciate this feature considering the price.

    Another best Feature is this earphone has Silicone Earbuds, which provide you extremely comfortable on your skin and you can use it for a long time without getting hurt. This product also comes in three types of size earbuds. so, you can easily pick the fit size for your ear. 

    There is one thing that I did not like about this product (I don’t know if other buyers face this issue or not) is that the Durability is low. I used it for one year and after one year the sound not as perfect as when I buy that product.

    I think this Product is Amazing and it is worth the price. 

    • Bass is very good
    • Easily fits in the ear and doesn’t protrude out of the ear
    • Light Weight
    • Beats of certain songs make me high 😛
    • A bit of distortion with full sound.
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    Sony MDR-EX150AP

    2. MI Dual-driver Earphone

    As the name suggests the headset is a dual dynamic driver setup in each earpiece. This Product comes in two colors variant of Blue and Black. The Blue color looks cool in this earphone. 

    We usually don’t talk about the design and build quality. But, we are really impressed with this type of design. There is an aluminum body, with clear plastic ends covering a carbon fiber. The wire is also of good quality (rubber till the Y-splitter). I really acknowledge that feature considering the time some of my Earphones don’t work because of broken wire. 

    The Sound quality is good with punchy bass. We put this product at number two because of comparing to Sony MDR-EX150AP the sound quality not as clear as sony product. But, also not very bad.  

    There is nothing to say about this product. Besides all things are good. Lastly, The earphone is cheap, Rubber wire, average Sound quality, and has a dual dynamic driver. Also one of the BEST bass Earphones under 1000. 

    • Great Build Quality
    • Dual Dynamic Driver setup in each earpiece.
    • Reach loud volumes
    • Angled Gold Plated connector
    • Painful to use for a long duration

    3. JBL C200SI

    JBL is also a company that known for their best Sound Products. This Product is a very budget Earphone (with mic) compare to all other JBL Products. This Product is very lightweight. The weight is roughly around 18 grams. So, You can easily listen to it all day.

    The C200SI are very balanced earphones. Powerful bass that you can headbang to and complimenting high frequencies which come nicely out of the drivers. This product also comes with an in-line mic which means you can easily use these earphones to answer calls.

    These are very durable earphones. My Friend using it for since 2 years. And everything is nice. There is no Problem with bass or Noise Isolation. The earphones vary wall fit into the Ears. the wire is a 4ft long soft-touch tangle-free cable.

    I think this is also the best wired earphones for your budget, if you don’t like the first two product then you should definitely check this product out. Also, don’t forget that JBL is the best sound product company, and this is the very budget and quality earphone with a brand like this.

    • Best Sound Quality.
    • Premium Brand.
    • Lightweight.
    • My Friend using it for 2 years now and there is not a single problem.
    • Cable quality is not so good, compare to other earphones.
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    JBL C200SI

    4. boAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition

    This product is made by BoAt company. This is a special edition of the boAt BassHeads 225 Earphones. The Boat Bassheads 225 are available in Black, Blue, Forest Green, Frosty White, Neon Lime, and Red, giving users a lot of options to choose from. Boat Freely supplies six pairs of ear tips, a clip, and a pair of ear hooks with these earphones.

    The company mention “Extraaaa Bass” with it. We Tested few tracks on this earphone and the earphones produce so much bass that it overpowers the mids and highs. These earphones are very loud, people who listening loud music won’t complain about this.

    We also tested calls on it. The sound is coming clear. But, the mic is not good and very sensitive. There is lots of other noise on outgoing audio. It also caused a disturbance every time it brushed against our clothing or disturbance by breath. 

    Anything else is good. Lastly, if you don’t like that three products then you should check out this.

    • Loud Bass.
    • Clear Sound.
    • Nice Quality (Metal material)
    • Different color options.
    • The mic is not Good.

    5. Realme Buds 2

    Remember this is Realme Buds 2 (Wired) not a Realme Air Buds 2 (Wireless). So, don’t confuse. This Product includes fabric-wrapped cable below the Y-splitter and the yellow-and-black color scheme that we quite liked.

    There are lots of Improvements in Realme Buds 2 from Realme Buds 1. The Sound Quality is good comes with a punchy bass that produces high-quality sounds. The Earphone did a decent job, the sound is the clear and relatively wide soundstage. 

    These earphones are built well and sound great with less Price. However, if you’re happy with punchy bass and want a pair of well-built earphones, the Realme Buds 2 is our pick at under Rs. 1,000.

    • Clean sound, good soundstage
    • Great design and build quality
    • Good value for money
    • Strong bass sometimes overpowers vocals and dialogue
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    Realme Buds 2

    6. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Wired Earphones

    This is also one of the favourites of Earphone. We can discuss the BoAt BassHead 225 before. This is much affordable than other boat earphones. There is no much difference from that product. The Sound is good with nice bass.  

    The Boat Bassheads 100 is simple, ordinary, and functional; you get plastic casings and ordinary rubber-coated cables, but at least you do get a single-button remote and a microphone for voice calls on the Y-splitter. Although plastic, the casings do look nice thanks to their unique design.

    The Boat Bassheads 100 is an uncomplicated pair of earphones that does exactly what it’s supposed to do — play music directly into your ears. It does a decent job at this, with a clean sound that works for most popular music genres.

    • Good value for money
    • Remote and microphone included
    • Good design, plenty of color options
    • Clear Sound.
    • Cable noise is significant
    • Dull mid-range, not very good with dialogue


    Share this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. Most of us believe that good Earphones are very expensive but here you can see there are many exciting Earphones that are affordable and trendy. If you have, any queries or Earphones that you would like us to add to the list, kindly comment below. Happy Shopping.