Best IOS Launcher For Android (iPhone-Like Experience)

No wonder people have reasons for using android over iPhones, don’t they?...

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No wonder people have reasons for using android over iPhones, don’t they? Are you wondering if you have the best IOS launcher for your android? We know the major reason for not choosing iPhones is that it is much higher in range, and many can’t even afford them in comparison to android phones.

We have good news for those who love the iOS experience but had to make android their choice due to your budget, and you can have various iOS launchers that’d offer you an iPhone-like experience within your android device. Isn’t it cool? Then, keep reading this article further to know more about the best iPhone launchers for android.

List of popular IOS Launcher for android

Undoubtedly, as an android user, you know that you’d get a varied range of customization options included in your android device like launchers and others. But, do you know that there are launchers that’d help you get an iPhone-like interface in your smartphone.

No doubt, both iOS as well as android systems are popular these days as a top operating system for smartphones. Indeed, it is tough to choose the best iOS launcher out of many that suit your android system well. But, don’t worry, we are here at your rescue. Let’s dig into the list below and select one that’d be the best for your device.

1.  I Launcher – OS

Price: Free (Download)

Once in a while, you’d have heard about iLauncher – OS as it is somewhat popular these days. Amazingly, this particular launcher is smartly chosen to take out the iOS experience to the next level, especially for the android version. Most importantly, it provides iPhone themes into android devices without being faulty for the future developer.

No wonder this launcher is the best iOS launcher you have for your android device as it is super speedy and offers smooth operations. Moreover, you could enhance your experience with android as well using this particular device.

I Launcher–OS

The best thing about this launcher is that it offers one of the best customization options that’d stimulate your iPhone experience with exact transition effects as well as gestures. Amazingly, you could have this iOS launcher available for every android device that starts from version 4.1 and higher.

You could have the app free for download, but you’d need paid versions for a few features, including unread badge count. Although the paid version doesn’t cost much, you could easily acquire it.

2. Launcher iOS 15

Price: Free (Download)

As one of the top iPhone launchers, Launcher iOS 15 is the highest-rated launcher you’d find in the Google play store while looking for a top-notch iPhone launcher. Not only, this particular launcher offers the looks of an iPhone to android devices, but it also brings the feel of using it.

You’d be shocked to witness this app offering similar wallpapers, animations as well as icons that you have seen on iPhones. Amazingly, this particular launcher even supports iPhone assistive touch, which is an absolutely rare feature offered by any launcher.

Another crucial point to note regarding Launcher iOS 15 is that you’d have the control like iOS center to android. With such a feature, you could instantly access the clock, camera, and other crucial settings similar to iOS instantly.

Another crucial feature is that you’d get amazing iPhone 3d Touch controls having which you’re allowed to uninstall the app easily, simply by holding the app for two seconds, and the shortcut showing uninstall option will appear.

3. Phone 11 Launcher

Price: Free (Download)

Undoubtedly, the Phone 11 launcher is another best iOS launcher that we have included in the list. We could call this particular launcher as excellent as the iPhone UI. This particular launcher enables you to have wallpaper and icons similar to iPhones. In fact, it supports a control center which is surely a fantastic feature.

If you want to try an iOS launcher on your android device then, this app is what you want. You’d be amazed to find your android device looking exactly like iPhone 11. The thing that keeps this particular launcher aside from others is the smart toggle that’s particularly for Wifi, Bluetooth, and the control center.

4. Launcher iPhone

Price: Free (Download)

This is one of the most popular and unique iOS launchers for android. If you know the iPhone interface, you will get the exact thing here in this launcher. It takes only a few minutes to add this launcher, and once done, it can offer you lots of transition effects, system icons, icon packs display, etc.

The home screen will look just like any iPhone out there. But the best part is that it comes with easy customization options. So, now, you can convert your home screen to the way you want it to be. You can categorize the apps available on your phone. When in a hurry, you can choose a category and pick out an app that you need.

5. iPhone X Launcher

Price: Free (Download)

This is an iOS lookalike, and it offers the same home screen as the iPhone X. Now, when you use these high-end iOS launchers, it can grab up a huge amount of your CPU cycle. But this launcher is a little more on the lower side, and hence, it will not affect your CPU a lot.

The launcher applications are always on in the background of your phone. Hence, it needs to use the CPU always actively. But with this new lite version of the launcher, your CPU will not be bothered a lot! With similar lock screen notifications and almost a similar interface, this launcher will give the users a similar experience of using the iPhone X.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to make this article as much understandable as possible by providing the list of the best IOS launchers, especially for your android. Indeed, you could use it for giving a smart look to your android set. Here is also Best Timepass Games For Android

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