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If you like playing games you must have at least one offline game on your A...

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If you like playing games you must have at least one offline game on your Android device. You can never tell if a game is online or offline via the Play store. Sometimes, an app may mention it in its description but that is rare. When you are on the move, it is always better to play offline games rather than online games.

Nobody wants to download a single-player mobile game only to realize it needs a stable internet connection. Here we have listed some of the best Android games that you can enjoy without an internet connection. You can find Role-playing games, adventure and arcade games, and card and simulation games on our list. You can find an offline Android game that is most suited for you.

Some of the games are free while others have purchase options and some are paid offline android games. You will need an internet connection to download the games.

Offline Action Games

Once Upon a Tower

The Game is Free. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by Pomelo Games. It is a side scroller game. In this game, a princess is being kept as a captive in a tower by a dragon. (Perfect for Shrek Fans). The princess must fight, smash blocks, defeat enemies while grabbing powerups and coins to free herself from the tower. 

It is a feminist game where the princess does not need a prince to save her. You get to smash crawlies, defeat dragons, and break rocks while levelling up in your escape attempt. It is free to download and has the option for some in-app purchases. You can play this offline for some fun and action.


The Game is 750 INR. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by 10tons LTD. This game is based on the comic book called Judge Dredd and Neon Chrome’s action has inspired it. It is a top-down shooter offline game. You can play this game online with other players or you can play it offline with AI bots. Most offline games are restricted to offline play; this game offers you both options.

You can create your own cybernetic JYDGE and fight crime in Edenbyrg. It has dual-stick controls, one is for actions, and the other is for movement.

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Offline Simulation Game

Fallout: Shelter

The Game is Free. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by Bethesda Softworks LLC. This android game is inspired by a game series. It is extremely famous and has over 10 million downloads. This is a base-building RPG and you are required to design an underground fallout shelter. You must care for the increasing number of dwellers while making sure there is enough food and water.

You can send dwellers out in the wasteland for defense and to collect items. If you liked the series, you will love Fallout Shelter. If you do not know about the series, you will still enjoy the game. It has an option for in-app purchases.

Offline Adventure Game

Ark: Survival Evolved

The Game is Free. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by Studio Wildcard. It is a survival game with a dinosaur theme. It is an extremely enjoyable android game and you can play it while being connected with other players or you can play it solo in offline mode. You get both, offline and online options with this game. A first-person survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved lets you explore an island that is full of dinosaurs.

You have to survive while creating structures, collecting resources, weapons, clothing, and gear. There is also a surprising story in the game, which you will encounter while playing. It is a heavy app and must be downloaded with an Android 7 or higher. There are in-app purchases available.

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Offline Strategy Game

XCOM” Enemy Within

The Game is 420 INR. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by Take-Two Interactive. XCOM: Enemy Within is a famous PC game that is now available on your Android Devices. You get to lead XCOM, which is our planet’s last line of defence by defending against an invasion. You will get to respond to alien attacks and UFO sightings, you will look through research materials from your enemies, you can upgrade soldiers and command their squad while facing growing threats. It is a very addictive game. You play it with intuition. It continues to be engaging and hard without being tricky.

Plague Inc

The Game is Free. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by Miniclip SA. This offline Android game is a must-try and is extremely popular. It is cheap, you can replay it innumerable times and is educational. Plague’s creator did a talk at CDC in 2013 about using games as a tool for education. In this game, you get to evolve and design a disease that you shall use to wipe out humans from this planet.

You earn funds when you infect and eradicate entire countries. You can use these funds to develop your plague further by creating more infection methods, symptoms, and transmission modes. You can also name the disease you create. You can upgrade the game by purchasing an upgrade that will give you genetic code modifications, fast forward options and Mega Brutal difficulty level with all the advertisements removed.

Offline Card Game

Star Realms

The Game is Free. Here is the Download Link of the Game.

This game is by White Wizard Games. Almost all card games available for android require an internet connection to synchronize cards and challenge players. However, Star Realms is available in offline mode and it is an amazing card game. It has an AI that challenges you; it is an addictive game and will keep you on your toes while you come up with different strategies to beat the AI.

It offers in-app purchases. You can buy campaigns and expansion packs. Star Realms was released as a physical deck-building card game, which has now been converted into an app game. 

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Share this list of Offline Android Games if you liked it. Now you can enjoy games without having to worry about unstable internet connections. Make sure you do have an internet connection when you download, install, and launch the app for the first time. Comment down below your favorites offline android app and if it is a good one, we shall include it in our list.