Best Timepass Games to Kill Your Free Time

For such boring times, web games and mobile games are really helpful to kil...

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Traveling through a boring flight or waiting for your friends to reach the restaurant, we sometimes have a few minutes to kill. Sometimes work from home gets boring for people when they spend days preparing presentations and not meeting a single friend! 

For such times, web games and mobile games are really helpful to kill your boredom. You get hooked on these games easily because they are interesting. But at the same time, you can cut off from the game and concentrate on your work if something serious comes up. These games do not want you to register or subscribe to any newsletter. So, you can easily play them on your mobile phone on the go!

Here, we have prepared a list of the best timepass games for your android phone. You can choose one or more of such games and play them on and off. These games come with amazing updates, and they will keep you entertained always.

1. Among Us

This game was developed in 2018 but became popular in 2020 during the lockdown phase. This is the best way of connecting with long-lost friends. You can play the game online with 4-20 players, or play via wifi with players present at your place or near you. This is a crew game where all the players are fixing a broken spaceship. The system chooses one or more random players as imposters. 

Among us game

The agenda of these imposters are to stay lowkey and kill other crew members silently. The crew members can finish their tasks quickly or eject the imposters to stay safe. You can call urgent meetings with other crew members, identify an imposter by his behavior, finish the tasks on time, and vote with other crew members to eject an imposter. The game is very interesting, and people of every age find it really attractive, and they get hooked to this game easily.

Download:- Android | IOS

2. Minecraft

This is one of the most interesting and continuing-building games available in the world. People love this game because of its simplicity and exciting features. This game is now available on android. The android version is a bit different from the PC and the java version of the game. 

minecraft game

All the features of the java version are not available in the mobile version. Still, it ignites the nostalgia regarding Minecraft in a player. This game is easy, and even if you are a beginner, you can play it without any obstacles. You are assigned a list of works that you are supposed to finish to progress in the game, and you have to build different constructions and other things in this amazingly exciting game. 

The mobile version is child-friendly as the game offers an invite-only multiplayer mode. You can start playing quickly, and no matter whether you are traveling by car or sitting in class, you can start playing within a few seconds as the game’s starting time is really less.

Download:- Android | IOS

3. Fortnite

Another hugely popular PC game is now available on the android medium. Players can take part in the battle Royales without any payment or progress. It is absolutely free, and that makes it a prime game for the players. Some mobile companies are selling their product for the cost of the game. 

Fortnite game

The flagship phones of some brands include this game for free, and that is the main selling point of the mobile phone! You can play the game solo, in a pair, or as a team. The motto of the player is to become the last man standing. You will get around 100 or more players playing along with you in the game. 

It is a survival game, so you have to make some refuge, collect resources, and progress silently to the competitors. The game doesn’t have any bloodshed, and when a player dies, the body gets vanished or is absorbed in the game only. You can easily jump in a battle and come out of it. So, playing it on and off between your office meetings is easy!

Download:- Android

4. Genshin Impact

You will reach a fantasy land named Teyvat, where you are in search of your sibling. The game has amazing soundtracks which will follow you throughout the game, and you will not get bored once. You will keep meeting new people in your stride and have to progress in the game by helping these people, fighting monsters, slaying unwanted bad people, and gaining more powers. 

Genshin Impact game

The land is shrouded with mysteries, and ancient gods rule the place. With high-quality cinematics, the best timepass games will keep you hooked for hours and hours. The game never ends, and the player keeps playing new versions, stages one after another. 

You may not go for in-game purchases. But the game will ask you to purchase new characters, outfits, etc., once you progress in the game. You can earn special currency in the game, and with that currency, you can buy new products and enhancements in the game.

Download:- Android | IOS

5. Hitman Go

This is one of the most popular games on the PC and PlayStation. This is one of the most popular movies too! Hitman is all about a bald man killing people smoothly without any hesitation and finishing his tasks aptly without any pause. If you love such games where the player survives on killing assignments, this game is going to be your best friend soon. 

The game stays new and interesting at every fold due to the amazing cinematics and wonderful design. You find new stages with new challenges, guards, and new approaches that need to be made. The design is clean, pause-free, and there is no mandatory in-game purchase.

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Hitman Go game

As no in-game purchase is involved, the player doesn’t need to spend money, and that makes it one of the perfect and best timepass games for people who want to kill their time for some reason. You can earn a bonus on each level if you maintain certain points like killing no guards, killing all guards, obtaining the briefcase at a certain point, finishing the game before a certain number of moves, etc.

Download:- Android | IOS

6. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

If you are a pro gamer and have been playing games on PlayStation for years, you must have played the Castlevania series. This is a very popular game with a castle full of mysteries and magical things. You need to kill the demonic hordes and have to take control of the vampire Alucard. 

Once you progress in the game, you will be able to earn amazing abilities and powers. Demons always plan to resurrect the Dracula, and your job is to keep them at bay. The game is filled with amazing gears, spells, unique items, and whatnot. You can progress if you plan well in the game. This Konami classic is on every gameplay fan’s favorite list. You do not need to go for in-game purchases.

Castlevania game

The next chapter gets open easily once you complete one stage. You can get gamepad support here. You can choose the spoken and writing language at your convenience. The best part of these best timepass games is that the game maintained the old nostalgia in the mobile version as well.

Download:- Android | IOS

7. Monument valley

Another interesting game where you are on a quest. You need to know your story, and for that, you have to solve the puzzles available in the game. As Ida, the player, you need to progress more and solve more monument-related puzzles to know more about yourself. You are at an inhabited place, and you do not know the reason. 

Monument valley game

Once you start playing the game, you will know more about why the place is inhabited and several other answers! The game looks pretty easy in the beginning, and it becomes really hard once you progress. The art of the game is amazing, and the designs of the game are intriguing. The game will keep you hooked to it, and you will keep playing one stage after another. 

There is a beautiful story in the game, and to finish the story, you have to go through ten chapters. Each chapter has a few puzzles to solve. Once you solve all the puzzles of a chapter, you can progress to the next one.

Download:- Android | IOS


These days, not only children but we all are locked inside our houses. Meeting friends and having a fun time is not possible under such circumstances. These mobile games can still keep friends closer. You can make teams in most of these games and ask your friends to play along. 

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Most of these games have in-game chatting options available where you can talk with them and make strategies. Playing games with friends is amazing, but these best timepass games let you defeat your enemies with your friends. All these games have strong security. 

Hence, parents can let their children play the game without much fuss. These best timepass games do not have mandatory in-game purchases. So, the children can play the games easily. These games do not have violent cinematics, and hence, you can let your child play these games too!