In the competitive delivery market, every moment wasted matters. Get the right gear now to stay on top and dominate your route.

The market for delivery is bigger today than it has ever been. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed every consumer towards online purchases, creating a surge in delivery that is unprecedented. Every delivery driver has to compete, which requires staying organized and on-track. If a driver wastes time being disorganized, it can account for real losses financially.

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However, while staying fast and focused is important, every driver needs to think about setting themselves up for success in the long run. It’s easy to make quick deliveries for a week, but staying healthy and safe are equally important. With the right gear, delivery drivers are empowered to succeed and stay focused on what matters most: making deliveries. The gear on this list will make the difference between a delivery hero and a delivery zero.

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    Important to Note:

    If you’re working as an independent contractor and need to purchase most of these items, you should save receipts, as these expenses could be tax-deductible. If you work for a contractor or larger company, speak with your manager and see if these costs can be covered.

    1. Routing Software

    In the delivery game, the right route planner is the most important piece of the puzzle. With the best route planners, drivers can save hours every single day, making customers happy and allowing the driver to set bigger targets. The navigator has to be reliable, dynamic, and easy to use. While Google Maps and Waze are popular options, it becomes cumbersome to input hundreds of stops and manage your delivery manifest throughout the day.

    Straightaway is one of the most promising services available today, and it’s built specifically for delivery driving. Planning the route only takes a few seconds, and the app is easy to navigate and manage. In addition, Straightaway checks traffic and road conditions every 30 seconds to ensure the driver is on the fastest route to their next destination. These savings can have a tremendous impact for delivery drivers, keeping them competitive and successful.

    2. Charging

    Smartphones are central to the delivery game today, but a weak battery can ruin a driver’s life. As a delivery driver it is critical to always keep a phone charger in the car. Having a cable that charges the phone from the car (either through the lighter or a built-in USB) keeps the driver from having to worry about battery throughout the day. Navigation, scanning, and delivery management can use a lot of battery, so it’s important to stay juiced.

    For emergency situations, it is also recommended to keep a portable phone battery. Just in case something happens to your car charger, keeping a backup ready is a smart tactic that separates great drivers from good ones.

    3. Mount

    Nationally, laws are constantly changing around phone usage in the car. As any delivery driver knows, getting pulled over or into an accident is the worst case scenario. It’s important to have a hands-free setup because it keeps drivers from worrying. A windshield mount is ideal because it allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road, and continue receiving guidance through tricky intersections and narrow roads. Phone mounts allow all drivers to deliver more and stay safe on the road.

    4. Dash Cam

    As an additional safety measure, keeping a dashboard camera is important for every driver. Just in case an accident occurs, video footage of the incident can protect delivery drivers and their delivery services from negative legal consequences.

    5. Clothes + Accessories

    Weather can change at the snap of a finger, which is why it’s crucial to have the right clothing on-hand. It’s always good to keep a warm winter jacket and a windbreaker. A hat or beanie can also be needed for the sunny and snowy days ahead. As a backup, umbrellas, gloves, and a pair of backup shoes can keep a driver moving during a particularly rainy or tough day. Every delivery driver should stay wary and make sure they have the adequate layers needed for the days ahead. Nobody wants to be waiting for a customer in the rain without the proper clothing.

    6. Snacks

    There is nothing quite like being in the delivery “flow.” Delivery after delivery, getting things to people fast and quick, the whole day flying by. But, if the sudden pang of hunger strikes, it can end the flow, and put the delivery driver in a rush to find a quick bite to eat. Often, this means settling for overpriced and tasteless food, which is why keeping snacks in the car is necessary. To keep energy high, the stomach satisfied, and the deliveries flowing, it is always recommended to make sure there’s something in the car. Something as simple as a bag of chips or as nice as a homemade sandwich can keep the delivery flow alive and the driver healthy.

    Pro Tip:

    Eat a good meal before you start deliveries. Starting on an empty stomach, while convenient at times, can make the best drivers exhausted and sleepy by the third hour.

    7. Flashlight

    Sometimes, drivers can end up working late into the night. Flashlights are great aids in low-light conditions, making sure the driver is delivering the correct packages to the customer. In addition, flashlights can keep the driver safe at night, especially in slippery winter conditions. With regards to picking a flashlight, make sure to find something with a string that can go around the wrist, so the flashlight stays secure.


    As the delivery market tightens, any driver can put themself in a position to succeed with the right gear. Routing software, mounts, dash cams, and charging can keep a driver focused on the road, making deliveries safer and faster. The right clothing, snacks, and flashlights can keep the driver moving and safe while deliveries are being made. Keeping customers happy is important, but staying safe and healthy is critical. With the right gear, drivers can beat the crowd and conquer the delivery industry. There’s no time to waste, get started today!

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