Whether you are a technically aware or an average amateur person, like most of us are, you might play your video or favorite movies via MX player. Undoubtedly, it is the most downloaded video player in the market and popular because of its more petite size and compatibility with almost all kinds of audio formats. like EAC3 audio format is not supported.

But after updating your player recently, you may have encountered the problem of playing video where you can see the video playing. Still, audio is not coming, like a silent movie, and the message of EAC3 audio format is not supported message is coming. The problem with the MX player is not very peculiar, and there is a way to fix it. Let me guide you how.

Solve the Audio Format EAC3 is not Supported

Before solving a problem, you should have a basic technical know-how of the matter so let me tell you what EAC3 audio format is. EAC3 is the acronym of the enhanced AC-3, which is the compressed audio format made by Dolby labs.

It is used to transport the audio seamlessly without taking much data and improve user experience without compromising their phone memory. The same company developed the advanced version of AC3, and improvements like a broader range of data rates can be observed. But from recent updates, this particular audio compatibility issue is becoming quite persistent.

Now, though, the problem is quite frustrating where your screen is repeatedly showing EAC3 audio format is not supported. As you are habituated with using MX player every time, it is not tough to solve it, and for this, you don’t have to delete your player or uninstall it. Just follow the steps I am mentioning here.

Way 1: To add Custom codecs: 

You should once check which version of the MX player you are using before downloading any codecs. It must be compatible with your version of the player. Now after checking your performance, follow these steps. 

  1. Click on the settings of the MX player menu.
  2. Now select scroll down to custom codec after selecting decoder.
  3. Now here, you can view the particular codec you need to download to solve the problem of EAC3 audio format not supported.
Add Custom codecs
steps to Adding custom codecs

After you download the codec, you need to reopen the MX player again, automatically detecting the codec.

Way 2: Addition of codec manually:

If your MX player cannot detect by default the codec, you may need to add it by yourself by ensuring the right path. 

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Manoeuvre to the decoder and click on the custom codec.
  3. Select the right path for downloading the custom code.
Addition of codec manually
Addition of codec manually

As you have guided the MX player to your destination of the correct codec, eventually, it will detect the file, and the problem of EAC3 audio format is not supported issue will resolve.

Way 3: Conversion of EAC3 audio format:

Now, it may not be an easy option for an average person, but if you are a little bit technically sound, then it is not at all a problem for you. You need to use any audio converter which is freely downloadable and convert it to widely used formats like AAC and MP3. You will be able to convert any files to digital formats, and EAC3 audio format is not supported in the MX player problem will be solved. 

Way 4: Use VLC media player: 

Now, It is the most convenient option according to me though I am not saying that VLC will not have the same problem, but the solution for VLC will be much easy. Go to the VLC menu and open the media option >> click covert/save >> choose audio for conversion >> click start for the work to start, and you are done and dusted.

Use VLC media player. EAC3 audio format is not supported
Use VLC media player Instead

After the process is complete EAC3 audio format is not supported problem will be solved.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why does the MX player not support the EAC3 audio format? 

If you are curious about why you need to know these solutions and why can’t MX player itself play this audio format. The problem is not that you have downloaded the virus inflicted the wrong file; after the recent update, the MX player has encountered a licensing issue with Dolby studio.

It cannot play any Dolby audio codec. Videos with DTS, EAC3, AC3, DTSHD and MLP codecs can no longer play audio while playing via MX player and repeatedly, EAC3 audio format is not supported and messages will come up.

Does the VLC app support EAC3 audio format?

VLC is an open-source multimedia player. It supports most audio formats like AVI, MP3, AAC and of course, the EAC3. Apart from that, it also offers audio enhancement features and equalizer also. It has expandable plugins and easily files with multitrack audio.

Apart from that, it supports a wide range of encodings also. Its inbuilt converter also makes it unique from other players like MX players, which we are talking about here. And if by chance any compatibility issue arises, you can always convert the audio file and use it to play the video.

Concluding words

We are so dependent on technology these days that any silly problems can baffle us, and the problem EAC3 audio format is not supported is one kind of that. If you are in audio-visual management, it may be problematic also, and as I have been through this problem, I know it irritates a lot of people. It is seen that sometimes when you try to convert files, the original file automatically gets deleted. There are tools for the recovery of the lost file also. You can easily download for windows or MAC, and the software can quickly bring back the deleted file in a hassle-free manner.