In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, achieving smooth gameplay is crucial for a satisfying experience, especially in popular titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Many gamers aspire to reach the coveted 90 frames per second (FPS) mark for optimal performance, but getting there isn’t always a walk in the park. Players often encounter common challenges that can hinder their quest for that buttery-smooth gameplay.

With the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, addressing these challenges has become a dynamic journey. Advancements in hardware, software optimizations, and game updates all play pivotal roles in enhancing the gaming experience. In this article, we’ll delve into practical tips and tweaks to help you unlock the elusive 90FPS in BGMI, exploring how technology has paved the way for smoother and more immersive gaming sessions on your mobile device. Let’s elevate your gaming experience together!

Settings of 90FPS in BGMI:

Step 1: As you embark on enabling 90FPS settings in BGMI, exercise caution. Downloading files from unverified sources might lead to piracy issues, given the absence of an official release from the game maker.

Step 2: Verify if your device supports the coveted 90FPS settings. While common in OnePlus and Samsung devices, it’s prudent to double-check before proceeding.

Step 3: Visit MobMet to download the configuration file required for the 90FPS settings.

Step 4: Secure a zip file from the Play Store and proceed to extract its contents for further use.

Step 5: Acquire a text editor, like a quick text editor, to facilitate the modification of the configuration file.

Step 6: Open the “90FPScode1.6version.ini” file using the text editor and carefully copy the provided code.

Select all from Config

Step 7: Navigate through your device’s file structure to reach Android >> data >> com.pubg.immobile >> files >> UE4GAME >> ShadowTrackerExtra >> Saved >> config >> android.

Step 8: Locate the “usercustom.ini” file and open it with the quick text editor. Select and paste the copied code from the 36th line to the first line, ensuring all necessary codes are included. Save the changes.

Select and Copy from file

Step 9: After saving, exit the file manager, open the game, and navigate to the settings to find the 90FPS settings. Keep in mind that this method may require repetition each time you play.

Step 10 (Shortcut for subsequent use): To streamline the process, keep a copy of the edited “usercustom.ini” file on your phone. When you want to play, delete the current file from its location and replace it with the stored one.

Paste 90FPS config file

Step 11 (For devices with pre-existing 90FPS settings): Click on the settings at the top right corner of the game interface.

Step 12: Choose the “Frame Rate Settings” option, and select the desired 90FPS setting.

Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get in trouble for using 90FPS settings in BGMI?

Yes, changing basic game settings for smoother play might cause issues because it goes against the game rules. Krafton, the game maker, clearly says on their official page that certain actions, like using cheating tools or playing with unofficial game clients, could lead to getting banned. The system can also catch unauthorized files, so be careful before using downloaded files.

What are config files, and why do they matter in the game?

Config files are like game settings that you can change to fit what you like. They can give you advantages, but remember, just turning on 90FPS settings in BGMI doesn’t mean you’ll win more. Your skills are what matter most. Messing with config files might get your profile banned, so be smart about it.

Is 90FPS available in BGMI?

Some phones like Oppo, Realme, OnePlus, and Redmi can handle the 90FPS feature. But not every phone can, even if you mess with the config file.


With gaming growing in India, YouTubers are encouraging young people to join in for the fun and potential jobs. It’s exciting, but don’t compromise your morals for shortcuts, like using downloads that might cause problems. Stick to regular gameplay for a better and longer-lasting gaming experience.