How an MBA Can Help to Get Career Enhancement?

    MBA is one of the most widely recognized degrees across the globe. You can ...

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    MBA is one of the most widely recognized degrees across the globe. You can use this degree to explore various career options across the world. You will get millions of job vacancies on job portals that include many big names who are looking for Management professionals with an MBA degree.

    Some of the top recruiters of MBA professionals include RIL (Reliance Industries Limited), TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Accenture, Flipkart, Cognizant Technologies, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Intel, and many more.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment in the managerial domain is expected to grow by 5% from 2019 to 2019, which is faster than the average growth of all other domains. There will be 800,000 new jobs in the EU  by 2022.

    Acquiring an MBA degree can have numerous advantages some obvious and some unforeseen. Some professionals such as CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other high-level managers are expected to straddle the line between business and technology.

    The work arena is so evolved now that now an IT executive can’t ignore business issues or a manager who can just avoid IT issues.

    Let’s look at what MBA is all about and how can you enhance your career with this extremely reputed degree.

    What is an MBA?


    Master of Business Administration or MBA is a degree that provides practical and theoretical training meant for business and investment management. This degree is specifically designed to help students acquire a better understanding of the general functioning of business management.

    An MBA degree allows you to have a specific or general focus on some of the fields that include finance, accounting, international business, human resource, marketing, and relationship management.

    Today, the landscape of MBA is broadened to include Sports Management, entertainment business, entrepreneurship, or healthcare management. Some of these also include branches like international business or corporate accountability of businesses within their community.

    At the heart of the MBA, the curriculum is management training that emphasizes planning, leadership, organizational behavior, business strategy, organizational behavior, and the human aspects of running a small or large business.

    An increasing number of IT leaders and professionals are seeking to acquire MBA degrees to gain a better understanding of the ways technology meshes with the business world, improve their income, and enhance their employment portfolio.

    Scott Scheible, who is an associate director of the Career Opportunities Center at Carnegie Mellon University, states that ‘they need strong business acumen and ability to think ‘big picture. They need to understand the business and financial implications of their organization’s technical decisions and overall strategy. Also, they need the kinds of communication and interpersonal skills associated with building and leading diverse, cross-functional teams.”

    An MBA can enable you to earn all these abilities.

    How can an MBA Help your Career Enhancement?

    Below are listed some of the significant benefits of having an MBA degree:

    • An MBA provides you with an unmatched reputation

    Getting an MBA written beside your name gives unmatched satisfaction as you will be referred to as an IT wizard as well as a business expert. You will be regarded as somewhere equivalent to C-level executives and other professionals will pay attention to your views and insights.

    An MBA enables you to better understand the business requirements.

    • An MBA enables you to acquire the business and analytical skills

    While pursuing an MBA degree you will earn valuable knowledge of accounting, finance, and strategy so that you can prepare yourself for the new managerial role. Ever widening digital transformation is compelling IT leaders to focus more on business strategies, and MBA is perfect for getting this done.

    • An MBA serves as the perfect career management tool

    You can improve your IT career trajectory by pursuing an MBA. when companies wish to hire senior-level roles within IT, they prefer people with prior leadership experience along with advanced business training.

    If you enter into smaller companies or startups, you can become a CTO or CIO without an MBA. But if you wish to get into some big names or established companies, then MBA is a must.

    • An MBA provides you with career satisfaction

    Have you heard about people getting great jobs while they are still pursuing their MBA degrees?

    Of course Yes!

    An MBA degree makes you get great jobs at the start of your career and advance at a really fast pace. Some of the MBA degree holders become overachievers.

    • An MBA increases your income

    Apart from offering great job prospects, it offers great salaries to IT leaders with an MBA. this degree is highly preferred for managerial roles which are high-paying roles. You are most likely to get a top-level management role and climb up your career ladder.

    • An MBA degree validates your commitment to your profession

    Career decision-makers get readily impressed with this degree of reputation. Since earning an MBA is not an easy job, hiring managers and companies respect the individuals who acquire it while juggling between the job as well as family responsibilities.

    • An MBA increases your confidence

    This degree can provide you with a high level of professional confidence. This is because with improved problem-solving skills you will be able to face all kinds of challenges. With a stronger degree, and eventually a stronger position, you believe in your opinions more than ever.


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