How to add Subtitles in MX Player

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There are a large number of video players that are available for an Android mobile. MX Player is one of the most favorite among many people. This app will customize different options while playing videos and also add Subtitles in MX player. Here a person should give MX Player a try.

They should add subtitles in MX player. This is one of such advanced features that a person can have. But while watching a movie in any language, a person always likes to take a picture that takes up the entire screen. So here, many people don’t use any subtitles.

However, the subtitles are very important when they watch a movie in a different language that they don’t know or if the movie has some bits and some pieces of some foreign language.

Why do people want to have subtitles while watching a movie?

This article is all about why subtitles are quite important and it will also show a person how they can easily add subtitles to their MX Player. Here in this way, a person or an individual will enjoy all of their favourite movies on their Android smartphone or tablet even if they do not know the movie’s language that they all are watching.

Subtitles are the greatest ways to take your movie experience to the next level, and here are some of the reasons why a person should always use them while they are watching movies.

By using the subtitles, a person can easily watch and understand all the foreign movies they watch. Some people in the world avoid watching the foreign movies if they don’t know the language, this is the best option for them. This is the best way to not miss out on any really good movies.

Now there are several movies nowadays that have small sections in other languages. For this, having a subtitle is very important to learn more about the scene and what the actors are talking about.

Sometimes a person can also see that the audio isn’t really clear, and it is very hard for them to understand the languages and way of speaking of certain actors. Many people may have experienced this kind of problem several times in some movies.

Here the people cannot understand what an actor is saying. Here the subtitles are really very helpful in these situations.

Ways to add subtitles in MX player.

To add the subtitles to the MX player, a person has to follow the following steps given below.

Step 1:- In this step, a person has to download MX Player on their own Android MX-player-logo. Now the MX Player is a solid Android Video Player. Having an MX Player and using it is very simple, yet it is also a versatile interface. Here a person can play many formats of video in it.

Here the best and the most important feature it has is that it has excellent subtitle support. A person can download this app from the Google play store anytime. Here, a person should also know that the regular version of MX Player is free, yet an individual can also buy the ad-free pro version.

Step 2:- In this step, the individual has to transfer all the subtitles to their Android device. In this step, the person must transfer all of their subtitle files to their Android device. Here if the subtitle file is on their computer or laptop, they can connect their android device to their PC by simply using a micro USB cable.

Here they all can click on the open folder to view any files or folders they want to see on the AutoPlay popup, and they also can transfer the subtitle file to their own mobile phones.

Step 3:- In this step, the person had to open the movie on their Android Device. Here, the person has to launch the MX Player and open the video or movie they want to watch on their mobile phone.

Step 4:- Here, they can select the Subtitle In MX Player. Here the individual can click on the Menu button and select any suitable subtitle that they want.

Step 5:- Add Subtitles in MX Player to the video. Here the person can tap on Open, and after that, they can navigate to the directory where they have transferred the subtitle file, and after that, a person can select to use it. Here a person can successfully add the subtitles for their video or the movie they want.

Where can a person find subtitles?

There are many websites where a person can download all the subtitles that they want. However, the experts always recommend that the experts get their subtitles from the YIFY Subtitles and the OpenSubtitle as a person will have a large number of things to get. Here they may include multiple language choices according to a person’s comfort.

After downloading the subtitles from the required website, a person can simply transfer it to the folder where all of their movies are located. This is also a very easy step to carry out. Then after that, they can easily add them to the MX Player by all the steps and set of instructions given in this article.

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Adding subtitles in MX players is a very easy yet rewarding process. In this article, it is clearly said how to add the subtitles in a movie, and it is also discussed what the steps by which this process is carried on are. As the subtitles are the best way to improve a person’s movie experience, it is the best way to add them whether a person is using an HD TV or they are watching it simply on their Android device.

If a person has any kind of problems understanding certain parts, this is the best way to get rid of it. Adding subtitles is extremely easy and a person can easily add subtitles to an MX player in a matter of seconds. A person can also easily do it by reading this article.