Want to cast your Android phone’s screen on your computer then you are in right place.

Why you need to do screen casting?

These days people are doing new innovations in technology and screencasting is one of them. The simple meaning of screen casting is that you can view your device’s screen on another screen and also handle all movements in your device from another screen.

Are you tired of watching movies, playing games, or doing other activities on the small screen of your phone or tablet? Don’t worry we will guide you step by step to cast your screen on your computer.

There are lots of benefits of screen casting. You can watch movies and play games on the big screen. You can present your meetings on the big screen so that you and your all partners can understand them properly and take better decisions. 

Methods of cast mirroring to Windows 7 from an Android mobile

1. Cast Android screen to windows 7 using Computer Hotspot

This is the simplest method to cast your Android screen on windows 7. Actually, in this method, you will connect your computer’s hotspot with your Android phone’s wi-fi. 

We will use connect software In your computer which comes pre-installed into the windows 7 or above version. You don’t need to install any third-party apps while using this method which will increase the security of your device also.

Here, I have given all steps using this method. Follow all steps wisely.

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Step 1: On your computer, on the search menu, search for “Connect” software and open it. If you don’t find “connect software” on your computer then you have to search for “Projection to this PC”. 

Step 2: Now, you need to turn on your mobile’s wi-fi and after that turn on the ” mirror or screencast feature “ into your Android phone. (These features you will find on all Android phones with Android 6 or above version. You have to search for it in the settings menu.).

Step 3:  You can see now your desktop as an available device in the screencast option of an Android phone. Select it.

Step 4: You will find 8 digit pin on your desktop’s screen into the connect software, Enter that pin into your mobile phone and tap to accept on your Android phone.

Step 5: Hu hu!!! Your screen phone’s screen is live on your desktop screen. Enjoy it.

Sometimes it happens many people are not able to find mirror or screencast features on the Android phone. Don’t worry, we have other methods for you people. 

Screen casting using third party apps

2. Cast Android’s screen using Screen Recording & Mirror App

Here, we will use third-party apps so this can be a little bit risky for your data. So, first, try to use the first methods which use inbuilt software. If you don’t have important data then you can continue with this method.

Make sure your phone’s version is Android 5.0+ and your computer has hotspot connectivity available before using this method.

Step 1: Add AllCast Receiver chrome extension into your chrome browser.

Step 2: Now, install Screen Recording & Mirror App into your Android phone.

Step 3: On your computer, find the mobile hotspot feature and turn on it. Also, turn on wi-fi into your Android device and connect it with your computer’s hotspot.

Step 4: Make sure in your computer you are in a chrome browser and open this link.

Step 5: You can see on the desktop screen the “all cast receiver” option. Click on it. Now, open the Screen recording & mirror app on your phone and connect both of them.

Again, you are ready to enjoy the mirror screen of your Android device onto Windows 7.

3. Cast screen using USB (without wi-fi)

In this method, we will use “ScrCpy” software. To cast your Android’s screen using USB you must have to use third-party apps. There is not any default software available on the computer. Follow the below steps to cast the screen using USB.

Step 1: You must have turned on the USB debugging option on your Android phone. (open Settings -> About phone -> click 5 times on build number or MIUI version).

Step 2: Now, in settings, you will find the Developers option at last or simply search on the settings menu for it. Click on it and turn on the USB debugging option from debugging section. Moreover, you have to give some permissions on the pop-up notifications.

Step 3: Go to this link, scroll down and in the summary section you will get a link to download ScrCpy software for Windows 7, click on it and download it. 

Step 4: You will get a Zip file of software, Extract it in any folder and install it on any drive.

Step 5: Connect your Android phone with a USB cable to your computer and open the ScrCpy application from where you installed it into your computer.

Fine, you are ready to cast your Android screen to Windows 7 using a USB data cable.

4. Mirror Android’s screen to Windows 7 using Mirror Op software.

To use Mirror Op software you don’t need a USB or mobile hotspot on your computer. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to see your Android’s screen into windows 7 in the next 5 minutes.

Step 1: Download Mirror op receiver software into your Windows 7 and install it. Also, Download and install the Mirror Op sender app into your Android phone and install it.

Step 2: Open Mirror Op receiver software into your desktop and Mirror Op Sender software into your Android Phone.

Step 3: You can see now in your Android phone, it is searching for the receiver. It will take few moments. After that, you will see your desktop name or IP address on your phone’s screen.

Step 4: Click on the receiver option and it will start connecting your phone to the computer. Now, just click on the play button and you have done it.

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As you all know, in the market there are lots of competition. So, you will find many ways or software and application to cast or mirror your screen to the desktop. Here, we have chosen the best methods for you according to our opinion.