How To Change IMEI Number of Your Device

So, You want to change your phone’s IMEI Number. Right? Here I will H...

By Lilly Miller Updated

So, You want to change your phone’s IMEI Number. Right? Here I will Help You to Change it if You Follow Each step Correctly. 

It is Not Very Hard to change it. But, if You lose the Focus or do any other things that are not written then your phone gets risked. So, do it at your own risk. (Just warning, Not to Scare You).

What is the IMEI Number?

IMEI Number is Also Called International Mobile Equipment Identity number. IMEI Number is a Unique Number that is Given to Your Device. It is 15 unique Character Numbers that will Identify each device uniquely.

So, There is 0% chance that Your Phone’s IMEI Number will match with other’s Phone Number. IMEI Number also helps you To find your stolen phone. 


In the UK, Making any changes to the IMEI Number is a criminal offense. So, if You are leaving the UK then you should not change the IMEI number.

How To Change IMEI Number

Before you start working on this. Make sure your phone is needed to be Rooted. You can not change the IMEI Number without a Rooted Phone. So, if you haven’t rooted your phone here is a guide to How to Root Your Device.

Step 1:- First You need to download the Xposed Installer from this official site.  Download and install it. You can not install it if you do not have a rooted device.

Step 2:- Now, Open Xposed Installer and go to download and Download the IMEI changer App. Now, Enable it by Check mark the Right option of the IMEI Changer App.

Step 3:- Now, Restart Your Phone. By Restarting, Your Phone will Have that IMEI Changer App Installed.

Step 4:- Now, Open the App, and You Can See your current IMEI number. And there is also an input box below the Current IMEI number. 

IMEI changer app

You can type the New IMEI Number that you want to change.

Step 5:- After you provided the New IMEI number then click Apply. 

Hurry, Now Your Device IMEI Number is Changed. 

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How To Know IMEI Number of Android Phones?

You can Know IMEI Number by Dialing *#6# and You will get it. You can also download the IMEI changer app and See it by opening the app. 

Changing IMEI Number is Good or Bad?

I Think Changing IMEI Number is Bad Thing to Your Phone. By changing IMEI number your phone can’t be traced anymore. That’s a good thing. 

But, if Your phone is Stolen, so, you can’t find it anymore because the IMEI number is Changed. And changing IMEI numbers is also a crime in the UK.


All of This Method is worked in real life, and I tried it on my phone. But, I want to mention that this method is for education purposes only.

if you want to change your IMEI number by using these methods then you will be responsible for any damage to your Android device. I would recommend that you carry out each method very carefully and at your own risk.

I hope You like The Article and help with your Problem, thanks.