How To Connect FTP Server

Want To Connect To FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server, Here is The Best St...

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Want To Connect To FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server, Here is The Best Step-By-Step Guide To Connect with Your FTP Server.

There are Several Ways To Connect FTP Server. But, Here We Are Going to Discuss 2 BEST Methods To Connect With FTP Server (With Software and Without Software).

What is FTP Server?

An FTP server is a computer which has a file transfer protocol (FTP) address and is dedicated to receiving an FTP connection.

An FTP server needs a TCP/IP network for functioning and is dependent on usage of dedicated servers with one or more FTP clients. 

In order to ensure that connections can be established at all times from the clients, an FTP server is usually switched on.

An FTP server is an important component in FTP architecture and helps in exchanging files over the internet.

Method 1:- Connect FTP Server Using Command Prompt

There are Several Method But, There is Also Windows In-build Function To Connect To The FTP Server. And This Feature is Very Useful Also. So, We Are Using This Method To Connect.

Step 1:- Open Command Prompt. On Windows 10 or 8, right-click the Start button or press Windows+X on your keyboard and select “Command Prompt”. On Windows 7, search the Start menu for “Command Prompt”.

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Step 2:- Now, Type Command FTP And Click Enter. The Prompt Will Change To FTP>

FTP Command in CMD
FTP Command in CMD

Step 3:- To Connect FTP Server, Type “Open <<FTP Server>>”. 

For Example:- 

 Open ftpupload.net

Step 4:- Now it Will Ask For Your USERNAME. Type The Username and Press Enter.

Enter Username in CMD
Enter Username in CMD

Step 5:- Now It Will Ask For Password. Enter Password (The Password Not Display. But, in Background The Password is Entered).

Enter Password in CMD
Enter Password in CMD

Now, It will Connecting To The Server.

Step 6:- Now, You Can See We Have Successfully Access The Root Directory. 

Access FTP Server using CMD
Access FTP Server using CMD

Here are Some Commands That You Can Try.

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FTP Commands For Windows Prompt

Dir>>>Give The List of Folders and Files in Current Directory.
CD>>>To Change The Directory.
GET>>>To Download The File From FTP Server.
PUT>>>To Put The File From Your Computer to Your FTP Server. (Upload Files)
QUIT>>>To Quit The FTP Server.

Method 2: Connect FTP Server Using FileZilla

FileZilla is great for uploading and downloading files on a remote server. It offers a strong and intuitive drag and drop interface which is easy for even novice users to understand. 

What it isn’t really good at is managing files on the server. It’s much easier to move and delete files at the command line than it is to do the same actions via FTP. 

This isn’t specific to FileZilla though, it is an inherent drawback of FTP in general.

So, We are Going To Use FileZilla.

Step 1:- Download The FileZilla Software.

Download The FileZilla Software From Here.

Step 2:- Now, Open The FileZilla Software.

Connect FTP Server using FileZilla
Connect FTP Server using FileZilla

Step 3:- Here, You Need To Require The FTP Host, FTP Username, FTP Password and Port.

Enter Details in FileZilla
Enter Details in FileZilla

You Can get it with Your Hosting Provider. 

Step 4:- Enter Your Details on The Fields. 

Step 5:-  Now Click on connect, And You will Connect to Root Directory.

Connecting To FTP Server
Connecting To FTP Server

Step 6:- Now, You Can Transfer Files from FTP Server to Your Computer or Your Computer To FTP Server.

I Hope This Method is Work out For You. But, if You Are Getting Any Error then Comment Below We Will Help You.


Here is The Step-By-Step Guide To Connect To Your FTP Server. I Hope You Like This Article.

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