The Story format is rapidly from being Snapchat’s Come this feature. Then all the Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Stories have used this Story formats.

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    WhatsApp is Also released this story feature in 2017 and called it “WhatsApp status”. After that, the WhatsApp status is very treading. Moreover, peoples are posting more and more things.

    “There are 450 million people use WhatsApp stories Feature Every Day.”

    There are several stories made daily. Moreover, some of that you liked much, but what if the status deleted after 24 hours and you want to save it without asking your friend who posted this story.

    Therefore, I come up with a super-easy method to download WhatsApp WhatsApp stories image or video on your android and iPhone devices.

    Download WhatsApp Status on Android

    There are many methods to saving WhatsApp statuses on android smartphone. However, I will show you my best practices to download the Status.

    Follow the Step-by-Step guide to download the WhatsApp stories easily.

    Method #1: Using File Manager

    Yes, When You Watch the WhatsApp status, the data is stored in your devices. However, that data is hiding somewhere.

    So, you can’t see the WhatsApp status in Your Phones Gallery.

    However, I am telling you, how to unhide those files and upload it on your status.

    Step 1 – Go to WhatsApp and Watch the Status you want to download.

    By watching that story, that data stored on your phone. However, that data is hidden.

    Step 2 – After watching that Video or photo, just go to File Manager.

    You can use any File Manager. However, I personally suggest downloading Ez File Explore.

    Step 3 – Now, Go to the WhatsApp > Media folder in your file manager.

    Step 4 – open the setting and enable the Show hidden Files Feature.

    This setting is a different location in the separate file manager, but, in Ex file Explore, goto Three dots on Left top > Settings > Show hidden files and enable it.

    Moreover, go back to the media folder.

    Step 5 – You can see the .statuses Folder in the media. Open it.

    Step 6 – Now, you can see all the WhatsApp statuses that you want.

    Step 7Copy the Status video or photo to some other folder.

    That is important because the Status deleted after 24 Hours. So, copy the Video or Photo and paste it on some other folder. You can also change the name if you want to identify.

    Step 8 – Now, you can see the status of your Gallery.

    In this method, there is no need for any apps and any Extra time. This is the best method ever to download WhatsApp status.

    Method #2: Using Third-party Downloader App

    If you don’t want to go your file manager and copy-paste it on another folder and do all that heavy work.

    So, there is also a Third-party app that does all that stuff for you. This App name is Status Saver.

    Status Saver is one of the most popular apps to download WhatsApp status.

    Step 1 – First, go to play store and install this third-party app.

    Step 2 – By opening the app first time, it will ask you permission to access the Storage device. Accept all the permission.

    Step 3 – Status saver will give you the list of all status you watched in a simple interface.

    Step 4 – In that list, open the Story you want to save.

    Step 5 – Now, there is a plus button in the bottom right side. Click that and click Save option.

    Now, the Status Video or Photo saved in StorySaver folder in your internal storage device. Moreover, you can see it in the Gallery.

    So, it’s your turns if you have a problem with download the WhatsApp status. Please comment. So, I can help to out of that.

    Download WhatsApp Status on iPhone

    Like Android, you can’t download the status in iPhone.

    So, I am telling you the technique to download WhatsApp status on iPhone.

    Method #1 – Using WhatsApp++

    In this method, you need to have buildstore subscription. Let’s see how it’s work.

    Step 1 – Firstly, Uninstall the original WhatsApp and goto buildStore and Register.

    Step 2 – Now, install whatsapp++ and sign in.

    Step 3 – Launch WhatsApp++ app and go to the “Status” tab.

    Step 4 – Hit the download button and select where you want to save that status.

    All done. Enjoy the WhatsApp status.

    Method #2 – Using WhatsApp pocket

    There is the same method as we do in the WhatsApp++ app. There is an app called WhatsApp pocket.

    WhatsApp Pocket does same work as WhatsApp++ do. However, more easily.

    Step 1 – Firstly, Uninstall the original WhatsApp.

    Step 2 – Now, install WhatsApp pocket And sign in.

    Step 3 – Launch WhatsApp pocket app and go to the “Status” tab.

    Step 4 – Hit the download button and select where you want to save that status.

    All done.


    Why is the WhatsApp not giving the one option to download the status in one click?

    WhatsApp is the most used app. Moreover, WhatsApp also cares about user privacy and security. That why WhatsApp is not included to download status feature.

    Do comment if this blog has helped you to download the WhatsApp status.

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    Now, I know from you, Which method is you used to download WhatsApp Status.

    Let me know, by comment.

    Enjoy Downloading!

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