Trying to Format a Pendrive and got a message like this “The Disk is Write Protected”? Don’t Worry. The Pendrive is in Read-only Mode. So, you can’t Format the Pendrive. We have to first remove the Write Protection and then you can Format it.

Remove Write Protection is a very easy task, But, make sure why It is write protection, If you do it by Mistake then It’s ok, Sometimes it the Pendrive Become Write Protected  If you trying to make Bootable USB also. 

But, someone does it then maybe that person trying to secure the Files. So, make sure the data is safe and copied to some else place. Also After Format, All Files will delete So, Keep that in mind.

So, Let’s Jump to How to Remove the Write Protection.

Remove Write Protection in Pendrive

Write Protection is a Function that Protects Your USB Pendrive Files and Folders. You can’t delete any Files in Pendrive when there is Enable “WriteProtect”. Let’s See How to Remove it.

Step 1:- First Click “Win (Symbol of Windows) + R” Buttons Simultaneously. Then the window box Popup.

Step 2:- Now, Write the “Regedit” in the Input Box and Enter. Now, Another window will Open with Lots of Files on the Sidebar.

Step 3:- In Sidebar, go to Directory “Computer > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies”. If You don’t Find it then Write Comment Below This Article, We will Help You.

Note:- If the “StorageDevicePolicies” Folder not Found then Right Click on the “Control” Folder and Select “New > Key”. Now In the Input box enter the Name “StorageDevicePolicies”. Now, Right-click on the “StorageDevicePolicies” and select “New > DWORD (32-bit)”. Another Input Box appears, change the name to “WriteProtect”. 

regedit sidebar url

Step 4:- On Right Side, You can see the one File name called “WriteProtect”. Double Click on that. Another window will Apper.

Step 5:- There is value, change it to “0”. And Change the base to “Hexadecimal”. And Click “OK”.

change write protect

Step 6:- Restart Your Computer and You have Successfully Remove the Write Protection in Your Pendrive.

Now, Let’s Format the Pendrive and See If the USB Pendrive will Format or not. (our Hardwork got Result or not).

Method 1:- Format Pendrive using Built-in Windows Tool

Windows is Providing Built-in Tool to Format Disk and Pendrive. If you are a non-programer and trying to Format it then this option is best for you. You can easily Format it by Following Step-by-step Method. 

Step 1:- Open File Manager, You can see the Pendrive Option, Right-click on that and Select the option “Format”.

Step 2:- another Window will Appear, Select the Option as Shown in Below Image and Click Start.

format pendrive

Step 3:- after 5-6 Seconds, the Pendrive will Format Successfully and You can see the Window appear with a message called “Successfully Format the Pendrive”.

If the Pendrive will Not Format and still getting messages like “The Disk is Write Protected”? Then don’t worry, It’s Because the Built-in Window Tool is not Working Properly. There is another method to Format it. Follow the Method 2.

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Method 2:- Format Pendrive using CMD

CMD is the most powerful tool in windows. You can do anything using CMD. Here we have to Format a Pendrive using CMD

Step 1:- First click “Win (Symbol of Windows) + R” and Type “cmd” in the Input box, And click enter. 

Step 2:- The CMD will Apper. Now, Type “diskpart” and click enter.

Step 3:- Write “list disk” and click enter. The list of disks will appear.

list disk command

Step 4:- Write “select {disk name}” and enter. In this case, my Pendrive is Disk 2. You can Find out what is your Pendrive by Size. 

select disk

Step 5:- Now, write “Attributes Disk Clear Readonly” and enter. It will Also Remove the Read-only option.

clean readonly on disk

Step 6:- Now, Write “Clean” and Enter, and then write “format fs = NTFS quick” to Format the USB Pendrive.

You have Successfully Format the Write Protected Pendrive. 


I hope You like this article and Solve the Problem of Formatting Write Protected Pendrive. If you don’t Find the Solution then You can comment below, We will help you as soon as possible, also you can join our group called “Hi-Tech Droid” and write the Problem on that (we will help you within a day). Thanks.