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    1. Investigate your target audience thoroughly

    Promoting your content to people who do not care about you and simply want a similar response has no long-term benefit. They will stop following you in a short time and you will wonder where everything went wrong.

    You can do some things to better understand your target audience on Instagram.

    Get an overview of the demographic composition of your fan base, including age, gender and location. Then try to find more detailed statistics, such as when your subscribers are online (to make sure you post at the right time) or the language they use, etc.instagram growth service Watch your competitors with a similar target audience: what kind of images do they post? Do you publish subtitles? And if so, what are they saying over there and what tone of voice do they use? Focus on the most successful publications of your competitors, then analyze them to understand the reasons most likely to explain why the publications worked so well with your audience.

    If you want to know something, just ask! Ask your current audience what their favorite Instagram content is and the accounts they follow. Ask them in their next publication or Instagram story and wait for useful ideas to appear!

    2. Plan ahead

    Well, to get an idea of ​​your audience, you know what your competitors are doing, you know what kind of content works well in your industry. Now is the time to think your content strategically. In other words, do not publish anything that you do not quite know, respect the appearance of your brand and use a programming tool to plan your feed in advance, ensuring that everything fits visually before publication. Planning ahead can make all the difference to the overall look of your feed. In addition, if you do not plan and publish everything at the same time, you will lack content and this will certainly not bring you new followers!

    3. I like and comment on accounts similar to yours.

    As I mentioned, “I like” and “follow” instead of “I like” and “follow” will not help you in the long run, but there is nothing wrong with loving, commenting and track the relevant accounts for yourself. exposure. Just make sure you do it manually (no robots), and of course, make an effort to be authentic, interesting and it’s NEVER spam! You do not need to write an essay, but it is a good starting point, reference the publication and give your opinion or ask a question. Spending half an hour to an hour a day participating in Instagram will have a big impact on your growth over time.

    4. Use a variety of relevant hashtags

    Hashtags are still a great discovery tool, but you do not need to use the full 30-tag permission provided by Instagram. Instead of using 30 different hashtags in each message (which, in any case, takes a lot of time) and running the risk that one of these hashtags is blacklisted, use fewer but better documented hashtags. clearly reflect their content. Between 7 and 10 hashtags will certainly be enough. And remember, your content must deliver what your hashtags promise!

    5. Promote your Instagram in your other channels.

    Do not miss the opportunity to promote your Instagram account organically in your other property channels. Think especially of other visual channels such as Tumblr or those that can potentially reach a wide audience, such as Facebook. You can add a widget to your Facebook page, for example, that integrates and displays your Insta feed. You can also create an article to announce a contest that only takes place on Instagram, to attract your Facebook audience to your Instagram account.

    6. Use tagging and geolocation as much as possible

    A simple way to naturally develop your Instagram is to use geolocation tags, especially if you post from a known place and on Instagram! Also, if you are working with another brand or resubmitting someone else’s content (make sure you get permission first!), Be sure to include it on your title and on your photo.

    7. Use the new features of Stories to keep your content up-to-date

    Having a neat diet is certainly a laudable goal, but do not overlook the other type of more spontaneous and unpublished content you can create with Stories. If this matches your brand, you’ll also have access to many fun features, such as masks, filters, decals and the new superzoom feature with sound. Play with the Boomerangs or create a poll to ask your audience’s opinion on something! Instagram has a lot of potential to attract your subscribers and attract new subscribers to your account.

    8. Use collaborations and influential marketing.

    This type of application also applies to Instagram: it will be more beneficial to get a mention or a new publication on another account than to focus on your own account.

    Find your Insta Twin Insta (a person / brand with a similar target audience) and agree to shout the same way, or present the content of each from time to time, or, better yet, create a project together so that two have a reason to speak.

    Another way to gain extra visibility is influential marketing. Finding the ideal influence factor for Instagram can be tricky, but if you do it right, you can see a stream of new instagram subscribers or even potential customers. Make sure you choose the right person!

    Andy Walker

    Andy Walker is a Computer Science Engineering Student who has tremendous interest in the world of Computer, Android, and other things happening around the Information and Technology world. He is trained in Machine Learning, Data Science and is a Programmer in Python language with Django Framework.