How to Get 90FPS in the BGMI game

Battleground mobile India is the disguised PUBG mobile in India. It was jus...

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Battleground mobile India is the disguised PUBG mobile in India. It was just launched the previous year, but they received a crazy amount of response. As their demand rises, they have released a new update called the ignition update, which supports 90FPS settings. Because of growing competition amongst its users, 90FPS settings in BGMI is getting a lot of limelight.

Most of the players are searching online for how to get this file despite knowing downloading and installing this configuration can ban their account permanently. The reason for this demand for this configuration is because of the nature of the game. In this game, you have to kill your opponents before your enemy kills you. And 90FPS gives you much clarity on the screen.

How to get the settings of 90FPS in the game:

Before enabling the 90FPS settings in BGMI, you need to know that it’s not suggested to use and download the file because of the piracy issue because the maker has not released the official version. If you still want to, then go ahead and follow this process.

  1. First, you need to check if it supports 90 FPS settings or not. Most of the devices of one plus and Samsung supports it, but if not, then you should check it once.
  2. Now, Download the Config file using This Link
  3. Extract that Config File using any Zip Extractor App on Play Store.
  4. Now download any text editor App like a quick text editor on Play Store.
  5. Now the file has 90FPScode1.6version.ini named file. It would help if you opened it using the already installed app quick text editor.
  6. Now copy the code by long-pressing anywhere.
Select all from Config
  1. You are already there just go to this location of your device. Android >> data>> com.pubg.immobile >> files >>UE4GAME>> ShadowTrackerExtra>>Saved>>config>> android.
  2. Now scroll below and find a file name “usercustom.ini” and open it with a quick text editor. Now select from the 36th line and come to the first line. Now you have selected all required codes.
Select and Copy from file
  1. Now paste the code and save from the options button.
Paste 90FPS config file

After saving it, you can close the file manager and open the game. You can find 90FPS settings there, but as this is not an anti-reset code, you may need to do it every time you want to play the game.

For this, here is a shortcut way to do this. You need to copy the edited file usercustom.ini and keep it in a place on your phone. Now, when you want to play the game, you need to delete the file from the location and copy-paste the file you have stored.

If your phone already has the 90FPS settings in BGMI, you must follow this step mentioned here.

  • Click on settings which are at the top right corner.
  • Click at the frame rate settings of 90FPS.

Some Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

Can I get banned for using 90FPS settings in BGMI?

For smoother gameplay, many people used to tinker with the basic settings of the game, and yes, it can be a problem as the game makers don’t encourage this kind of piracy. If you look through the official Krafton page, they have pointed out why you can be banned.

  • When you use any cheating tools in the game.
  • When you try illegally, try to delete the client data, like removing the grass models in the game.
  • When you play the game with an unofficial game client.
  • It was using any 3rd party software to log in to the game and which resulted in deleting the client file.
  • It would help if you never promoted any illegal objects or played with fraudulent players.
  • Teaming up with another player of the opponents.
  • Playing with cheating game mates.
  • Using any unauthorized channel to recharge for the game.

As you can see, there are so many reasons your account can be banned. The anti-cheating system can detect illegal files also. From the statements, you can see that any unauthorized use of 3rd party apps or illegal sources can be harmful.

Thus, before installing or using this downloaded file, you may think at what cost you will win. There is no argue 90 FPS settings in BGMI will give you an extra edge because of the clarity.

What are config files that we are talking about here?

These are kinds of files that can change the game’s settings and alter to your needs. If you are talking about what is the value of this file in the context of the game, the answer is the file can make the game functional. If you modify it, the game performance will also change. Any player who changes these files can always have an advantage over other players, thus destroying the level playing field scenario.

However, as opposed to popular belief, it is not that enabling 90FPS settings in BGMI will give you more probability to win as ultimately, it’s your capability. Anyway, these changes may ban your profile, so you should refrain from changing these config files.

Is 90FPS available in BGMI?

Oppo, Realme, one Plus and Redmi also support this feature in their phones. It depends on the refresh rate of the processor and display of the phone. Not every phone will play this, even if you modify the config file.


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