How to Hack Any Game without Root

You’ll undoubtedly learn about the best method to hack any game witho...

By Norman Clark Updated

You’ll undoubtedly learn about the best method to hack any game without Root in this article, and I will share all the necessary steps below. Indeed, you’d get a valid result after going through the steps and could get great entertainment as you’ll have access to any game. Hacking is undoubtedly complex, but this hard work could give you better results as hacking could use everything in the game.

What to Know before Trying the Game Hacking Procedure?

By now, you might know online hacking games are undoubtedly illegal, but you can hack any game without Root using some specific apps. It is true that without Root, hacking almost any game isn’t a tough job.

  • Several people earn a reasonable sum of money by playing online games as they record their gameplay and upload it on YouTube. So, you could try various games and make money from YouTube.
  • Hacking a game could help you score up and level up your favourite game. It is true that hacking primarily works when rooting is done, which isn’t an easy task as it could permanently damage your system.
  • Below, I would define the steps to probably hack any game without Root using Lucky Patcher as it is a completely free, user-friendly, and straightforward app. Also, you do not have to take the help of the internet while hacking any game through this app.

Different Ways to Hack Games

Undoubtedly, many of you would doubt these methods but trust me, and it works as I have tried all of them. You could try each of them and get your favourite way. Make sure you follow my steps perfectly.

Method 1:- Using Lucky Patcher to hack games

Gamers must have heard about this particular app once in a while as it is one of the most popular apps that almost every gamer uses due to its features. It’s much easy-to-use so, even if you’re wondering about hack any game without Root for the first time could do in the blink of an eye. It is a fantastic tool; it offers success to almost every offline game where there’s no need for any online verifications.

Indeed, Lucky Patcher isn’t available in Google Play Store so, look for it by searching in Google or any other browser from your system. Certainly, you could use this app quickly, but you could hack some games, and some would get patched. Here, as per the name, it is a patcher where your money won’t be spent or cut even after buying any coin or a gem from the game.

All you’d have to do to hack any game using Lucky Patcher is:

  • Download the tool from any browser or their official website.
  • You’d need to enable the settings saying “install from unknown sources” before installing it.
  • Ensure to launch the Lucky Patcher once installed.
  • You’ll get various popup messages or modal popups that you must ignore and tap no for each.
  • Look for the app you’d like to hack from the search panel and is already installed in your system.
  • After tapping on that particular game, you’d hack, tap on the Patches menu.

Lucky Patcher has quite a lengthy hacking procedure but trust me, and it does worth every step so, do not skip any as you’d have to create an APK file next.

  1. You’ll get an option for tapping to create an APK file so, tap on it.
  2. Next, another layer with various options would pop up where you’d have to click on the third one that says APK rebuild for In-App & LVL emulation.
  3. For the next step, ensure to turn it on by clicking on the first and second tick marks by greening it. Later, tap on the rebuild the app option.
  4. Wait for a few seconds and ensure the game you selected gets rebuilt in the meantime.
  5. Now, you’d find a new layer popping up on the screen where you’d get the option for “Go to Files” and tap on it.
  6. Uninstall the app you’d like to hack from your system then, come to Lucky Patches after completing the work.
  7. You’d find several options on another mew layer popping up, and finally, you have to select the install option and wait till the game gets installed in a hacked version.

After launching the game, make sure to verify whether or not you’ve successfully installed the game in a hacked version. Also, I would suggest you remove google ads, remove license verification, multi-patch and others while creating or modifying the game on the APK file creating section. So, enjoy unlimited coins and keys while playing your favourite game.

Method 2:- Use time settings changes within your device for hacking time-based games

I would say this is the most straightforward hacking method, and if every game is time-based, then things would have become so simple. So, you can easily take advantage of your system’s features. Also, I won’t say it works on every game, but it’s definitely like winning a lottery for those games that are time-based and offline.

Now, you do not have to wait for hours to get a life or energy to play the game once you hack any game with the method I would recommend here.

  1. The game you’d like to hack must prioritize the time-based features like regenerating in-game sources, including research, energy, opening new level, heart, lives, coins, or more.
  2. You need to ensure that you do not go for any online or server-based game or the game you’d select is entirely offline.
  3. Furthermore, launch the game you want, make sure you play it for a few minutes and do not forget to consume the time-based feature.
  4. Later, you should leave the app without closing, or you could get out of the game by clicking on the device’s home button.
  5. Now, do not turn on your data but go directly to the time management settings of your system and click on the “Date and Time” panel.
  6. Next, you need to move the date to a day ahead so that your game can offer all the necessary equipment for the next day, in the present day itself.
  7. Go back to your game and check whether or not you’ve got all those resources that you were supposed to get. So, if you see that you got it, it’s confirmed that this hacking technique is working for that particular game.

Method 3:- Use auto clicker for hacking heavy tapping games

If you already have such a job where there’s a need to do several taps at once then, you’d have come across an auto clicker once in a while. If not, then let’s discuss it a bit about it. Indeed, this particular tool is another game hack or exploit type where you won’t need to do any rooting. There are several Auto-clicker apps available in the play store so, you’d find them quickly and is much user-friendly.

It’s undeniable that the apps won’t work perfectly on every game but those games where you’d need to do heavy tapping on the device screen at the best speed. So, you can get this tool if you’re wondering about hacking a game where its primary interaction is through tapping. Moreover, you’d find more than two Auto-clicker apps on Play Store that are free to download. Once you download any of them, you need to customize it to locate the clicker in any location on your system screen.

Steps to follow to hack the game using an Auto-clicker:

  1. Download the best rated Auto-clicker app from the Google Play Store.
  2. After completing the download, ensure to launch it as per your choice and configure it as required.
  3. Once you follow the above steps, go to launch your favourite game or the one you’re looking for hacking.
  4. The end step is simple, tap on the screen and wait as the Auto-clicker completes its job.

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Method 4:- Hack games using Happy Mod

Let’s see what I did for this method, and you’ll have to search on Google to find out Happy Mod. The reason behind it is that the play store doesn’t have Happy Mod. You need to do a proper search; otherwise, it would become difficult to find it. Now, let’s look at the steps you need to follow.

  • I would suggest you download Happy Mod at first. Then, after the downloading gets finished, open it and search for whichever game you’d like to play or hack from the search bar.
  • After finding your favourite game in Happy Mod, tap on the game and follow the following steps.
  • Now, you’ll get several options in a specific window where you’d get the download options as well. So, to download the hacked version of your game, click on that panel.
  • Once you download it, you’d be amazed to look at the unlimited coins and gems of the game that you could use without any limitations. Also, you could make your level up and up as much as possible and enjoy playing it.
  • Follow these steps to download hacked version of any game for free as Happy Mod is free to download.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve read this article and reached this bottom part. Have you enjoyed each section of this article? Let me know in the comment section about your thought, and don’t forget to share your views regarding this article.

Also, follow the steps mentioned above correctly as you’d be having access to all of your favourite games, and you do not have to pay a penny for it. Moreover, the ways discussed here are to do a clean hacking of hack any game without root. So, do not forget to share this article with your family, friends, or gaming partners