Are you bored by using old Stock Rom that has not any Latest Features? I am here to Help you to Guide you on, which is the best Custom rom and How You can Install that Custom Rom.

Custom Rom are a New Build of Android Operating System but with lots of New Features. The Features are so awesome like Dark Mode, Reply Suggestion, DND, Digital Wellbeing, etc.

Custom Rom provide you Best Customize User Interface and experience like Longer Battery Life, Best Performance, Lots of Customization, and Gaming Experience etc. For More Information About Custom Rom Refer This Article Best Custom Rom in 2021.

How to Install Custom Rom (Step-By-Step)

To Begin with, we would request you to take Complete Device Backup. So, Sometimes Error Accurse then you can recover it. So, we are requesting you to take Backup of Your Device.

To Install Custom Rom here are Things that You Need:

  • PC
  • Custom Rom
  • TWRP Recovery

Step 1:- Download Custom Rom and Gapps

You can Install Any Custom Rom that you want. But, the Rom is needed to supporting your Device Build.

To Download Specific Rom, Just Search For “(Custom Rom Name) + (Model Name)” in Google. For Example “DotOS Rom AC2001” You Can Find the Model Name by going to Setting > About Phone > Model Number.

Now to Download the Gapps, First Go to Website.

gapps download

In Platform Select “ARM64”. Now in Android Version Select the Version that your custom rom required. In Variant Select any type of you want. (Recommended “Stock” Variant).

Now click on the Download Symbol and download the Gapps.

Hurry, you have successfully downloaded the Custom Rom and Gapps.

Step 2:- Install TWRP Recovery

To Install TWRP Recovery, First You Need to Download the TWRP Recovery that Support Your Device. To download it Just Search “TWRP Recovery For (Your Device Name) Download” in Google.

For Example “TWRP Recovery For One plus Nord”.

Now You have to Enable USB Debugging option in Your Device. So, we can install TWRP on to your Device.

I have Already Discuss on Enable USB Debugging Option. So You can check out this Article on How to Enable USB Debugging Option.

Now you have to reboot your Phone to Fastboot mode.

To Reboot your phone just Shut down your Phone and Press the “Volume down + Power Key” at the Same time (for 10 seconds).

Connect your Phone to PC. (Before this just save the twrp recovery file into the PC.)

Then Open CMD in Pc and Type this command “fastboot boot (here your location of twrp file)”.

For example “fastboot boot c:/user/asus/Desktop/twrp.img”.

fastboot command

Click Enter.

We have successfully installed the TWRP Recovery and you can see the TWRP Menu on your Phone screen.

If you have any Error then Comment Below. Or try to contact me with any social method. We will help you for sure.

Step 3:- Backup Your Data

At this stage, I highly Recommended to Back up Your Device. So anything wrong happen then you can recover the Data.

To Backup Your Data, Just go to Backup > Select (Boot, System, Data) and Swipe it

Backup Data

Now give this Backup file Name and select the Append Date.

Step 4:- Wipe the Data

To install Custom Rom we have to Wipe the Previous Stock Rom or Custom Rom.

To Wipe the Data, in Previous Step we have succefully Install and open the TWRP Recovery.

In TWRP Recovery, Go to Wipe > Advance Wipe > Select All the Partitions and Swipe to Wipe the data.

Wipe Data

Hurry, we have succefully wipe the data.

Step 5:- Install Custom Rom and Gapps

Some Custom rom are Required to Install the Gapps and Some Custom Rom are not Required to Install it. So, Check it Before install the Gapps.

To Install Custom Rom, go to Install > select the Custom Rom file.

Now, You have to click “Add more Zips” (You don’t have to do this if your custom rom not required the gapps). Select the gapps file.

installing Rom

Swipe the Arrow and Start installing the Custom Rom and Gapps. After 5-6 Minutes the Installation Complete. Click on the Reboot Button and You can See the Custom rom is Succefully Installed.


I hope you like this article and successfully installed the Custom Rom. If you have any Error then Comment below, I will help You.