We all are in our homes since the first half of 2020. The majority of the countries in the world have enforced lockdown situation due to a pandemic. Covid-19 it’s a novel viral disease which was started from china but now the whole world is being affected by this disease.

Due to the novel nature of Corona Virus, researchers and all the medical world is still in a state of exploring its causes, symptoms, and more importantly, cure. As it can spread from one person to another with close distant contact or touch etc the only cure and way to keep our selves safe from this disease is to take care and stay home.

As nobody knows that the neighborhood friends may be asymptotic and will be all right and healthy in appearance can be carriers. Thus any close contact with them can contaminate you too. So staying home and follow the quarantine protocol is necessary not only for ourselves but for our loved ones.

With the whole family locked down people are trying to keep themselves busy with different hobbies and activities like cooking, exercising, etc. But nothing can beat Netflix you all will agree with this fact. Any way most elders, as well as youngsters, are busy with Netflix, online activities, and social media.

ogymogy Android Spy App
ogymogy Android Spy App

In these circumstances, it has been the need of an hour to monitor the online activities of the children. This is the most sensitive phase as they have got plenty of free time and cannot go outside. In this circumstance, parents can only limit their online activities.

There are many ways to do that but one of the most efficient and smart ways is to use monitoring software or app. No need to search for the best monitoring app because we have got this done for you. Try OgyMogy. You can simply install the app on the kid’s gadgets cell phone or laptop by following simple steps. Just select the desired package and go for it.

Don’t Allow Sleep Deprivation In Quarantine:

With no kind of activities outside the house like going to school or any other routine, there is no strict schedule to follow. Thus disturbance of the sleep cycle is the outcome. Thus make sure your child is not using his laptop or cell phone late at night.

OgyMogy allows the user to check the screen at any given time that is live coverage. You can also keep a record of this by checking the short duration recorded videos and screenshots. As OgyMogy record every detail with time stamp thus you will know if they are frequently awake late at night.

Keep An Eye On Their Screen Activities:

Make sure kids are not always busy on laptops or smartphones as it is not healthy for their mental as well as physical health. You can get notified about what kind of interests they have got online during the quarantine. Android spy software helps you to know the entire internet browsing history of the target person.

Thus you will know if he is too much into news sites or online shopping. The extreme of both scenarios can be fatal. With OgyMogy you can check the bookmarked links as well. So you can remotely have access to them too.

Know About All The Installed Apps:

OgyMogy helps you to know about what kind of apps has been installed on their cellphone. There is every kind of app in the app store so make sure they don’t that interested in any useless app like dating app etc.

Make Social Media A Safe Place:

With quarantine, the only way to keep in contact with your friends and family is through social media. There are several platforms, with too much time in hand for almost everybody, online bullying, harassment and other kinds of crimes have also been increased with the increase of users on these sites.

OgyMogy offers several features for social media platforms like Facebook spy feature, Viber spy, Skype spy, Line spy, Spy on Snapchat, and many more. With the use of these features, you can keep track of all the friend’s and followers’ community chats and activities.

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Install OgyMogy. You will be amazed by the results as it offers a lot of features that cover almost every online activity of the target person.