How to Make a Clone Android Phone data with Spy app?

Cell phone data these days are very important for everyone these days. Gone...

By Lilly Miller Updated

Cell phone data these days are very important for everyone these days. Gone are the days when cell phones running with the Android operating system were only capable of saving a few contacts, dozens of music tracks and multimedia files in terms of photos and videos forensics.

Nowadays, android mobile phones are truly micro mini computer devices. User can save plenty of contacts, music tracks, plenty of multimedia and confidential documents and files that you can never believe. Therefore, users are very curious these days about android data safety.

It happens these days android users want to make a clone of android phone data using cell phone surveillance application. It enables a user that want to retrieve all the data stored on the older android phone into a newly purchased cell phone device.

However, most of the people want to clone an android cell phone to monitor all the activities happen on it. Let’s describe how you can use TheOneSpy phone spy app to clone any Android smartphone and gadgets.

Sometime you have to factory reset your phone, or sometime you have by mistake deleted some important files. so, that’s why you need the clone android phone app.

What is Android phone cloning?

Android mobile phone cloning means to copy of the mobile phone data that is going to be older or user want to get them from one android device to another due to some odd reasons. However, to know about the activities happen on the target device using some sort of tech –tool. Therefore, if you are looking forward make a clone of an android phone data with TheOneSpy android spying software.

How to get TheOneSpy app to clone an android phone?           

You can clone or monitor any contemporary android smartphone or gadget with the powerful android cloning software. When it comes to getting hands on the best application to clone an android you need to get your hands on TheOneSpy. Therefore, you need to follow the following mentioned steps.

Subscribe for TheOneSpy

If you want to subscribe for mobile phone cloning app then you need to use your personal cell phone tracking software. Furthermore, connect your personal device browser with the internet. Now visit the official web page of TheOneSpy application. In addition, you need to get an android monitoring app subscription. You will get the credentials in terms of passcode and ID.

Take target android phone into possession

Now you can get access to the target device to clone it or to monitor the information you were looking forward. 

Get access to the electronic web portal with credentials

It is the time to have target android device into your own hands for a while to get physical access on the target cell phone. In addition, you can use passcode and ID to get access to online control panel to use the tools that empower you to clone android mobile phone or track the information stored on the target cell phone. Let’s get to know how you can start the cloning of an android using the mobile phone tracking app.

Clone Android cell phone with TheOneSpy app tools

The end user can remotely get access to an online control panel and use plenty of powerful tools that enable a user to clone android device.

Once the end user has installed a phone tracking app on the target device all the data would automatically start syncing to the web portal such as videos, photos, contact number, social media apps messages, email sent received data and others alike.

However, you can perform live screen recording of the target device in real –time in terms of social media apps, SMS, emails, YouTube live screen recording and last but not the least applied passwords. In addition, you can record and listen to the cell phone calls in real –time using secret call recorder. Furthermore, user can remotely read messages sent or received, MMS, SMS and heads up notifications and plenty others alike.

In addition, user can track & listen to surrounds conversations and voices by remotely tracking MIC of android cell phone spy app. Furthermore, you can remotely control the front and rear camera to record surrounds visuals using vidcamspy bug and to make photos using camera bug software. So, cloning or track cell phone of android is possible with the best phone surveillance app.


TheOneSpy application is the best tool to make a clone android phone data within no time. Also Read how to change IMEI number of your phone.