Want To Install Windows or Linux File in Pc, And Don’t Have a CD to Install. You Definitely Require To Make Bootable USB. 

So, Here is The Step-By-Step Easy Method, And Using This Method You Can Absolutely Make Bootable USB.

What is Bootable USB?

Bootable USB is Used to Boot Your OS in PC or Laptop without Using Any CD/DVD. Bootable USB Flash Drive is to Use it to Boot into Windows.

You can also use the flash drive to install Windows, instead of using the Windows installation CD.

What You will Need To Make Bootable USB

  • Required Software
  • Pendrive (USB) – Minimum Requirement 8 GB.
  • IOS File
  • Pc or Laptop

How To Make Bootable USB

There are 2 Different Methods That Used To Make Bootable USB.

Method 1:- Make Bootable USB using PowerISO

To Make Bootable USB using PowerISO. You Need to Download And Install PowerISO Setup from Poweriso.com. 

Step 1:- Download And Install The PowerISO Software. There is Not Much Process, Just Click Next…Next And The Software is Installed.

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Step 2:- Format Your USB. Insert The USB and Right Click on That and Select The Option Format Drive.

format USB

Wait For A Couple of Seconds and Your USB is Formatted.

Step 3:-  Open PowerISO Software. The New Windows is Also Open. Wait For 4-5 Seconds and Click Continue Unregister.


Step 4:- Now, Go To Tools and Select The Create Bootable USB Drive..


Step 5:- In Image File Select Your ISO File.

Boot your USB

Step 6:- In Destination USB Drive Select Your USB Drive.

Step 7:- Click Start Button.

Process of Booting

Wait For 9-10 Minutes And Your Pendrive is Converted into Bootable USB.

If You Are Getting Any Error Then Comment Below, We Will Definitely Help You.

Method 2:- Make Bootable USB using Rufus

In This Method, We Are Using Rufus To Make Bootable USB.

Step 1:- Download and Install The Rufus From rufus.io.

Step 2:- Now, Open The Rufus Software.

Rufus Software

Step 3:- in Device, Select Your USB Drive.

Step 4:- Select The IOS File using Select Button.

Step 5:- Now, Click on The Start Button. And Accept All The Requirement.

Rufus Process For Boot

Now, Wait For 9-10 Minutes To Make Bootable USB.

How To Turn Bootable USB into Normal USB?

Here is the Method to how to turn Your Bootable USB Drive into the Normal USB Drive.

You make A bootable USB Drive. However, After Some time You Want To No need of The Bootable Pendrive. You want Turn The Bootable Pendrive into a Normal Pendrive.

What do you do now?

Step 1:-  Attach Your Pendrive to the computer. Moreover, Go To Pendrive Option And Click on the Format Option.

Step 2:- Format Your Pendrive. (it takes 10-15 Seconds)

Successful Format

Step 3:- Format Your Pendrive 3 to 4 Times.

Step 4:- Hurry, Now Your Pendrive is Successfully Convert into Normal USB.


You Can See We Have Successfully Made Bootable USB.

If You Have Getting Any Error Then Comment Below. We Will Help You.