How To Make Esports Tournament Website?

Esports industry has seen tremendous growth in the iGaming industry over th...

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Esports industry has seen tremendous growth in the iGaming industry over the years. As per the records of Newzoo, by 2022 the esports market will rise by $ 1.8 billion. With the rapid growth of esports, the revenue of esports will reach more than $500 million by 2023.

Esports is also rising in terms of viewership, with more than 300 million by 2023. Most of the organizations are switching their business to the esports industry and opting for esports platform development solutions. The esports platforms help them in influencing large audiences and generating huge revenue.

Esports has a wide range of games that are covered under top esports genres such as multiplayer online battle arena, fighting games, card games, first-person shooter games, real-time strategy games, and mass multiplayer role-playing games and many more.

Esports Market 

Esports are the video games that are played by professional players at the international and regional levels. New zoo also predicts that esports viewers will reach to $ 272.2 million. They anticipated that the revenue of esports will grow to $ 5.27 by 2023. 

As per the statistical records, the esports audience will soon reach 307 million. Online viewership will rise by 48% in 2021. There are more than 20,000 participants in the esports industry as the industry involves huge prize money to the players. The world esports association also takes appropriate measures to enhance the performance of the esports industry.

The association makes sure about the protocols for creating schedules, making rules for tournaments, creating norms and pay a share of gathering, and much more.

Esports Genre

esports tournament website

There are a huge number of games involved in esports and these games are categorised in the top esports genre. These genres are as follows:

  • Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games
  • Real-Time Strategy Games
  • First Person Shooter Games
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
  • Fighting Games

Influencing Reasons for Developing an Esports Tournament Website

  • Esports has so many games involved that attract the audience at large. This creates competitiveness between the audience and raises revenue for the business.
  • Esports players and viewers paid a specific amount to the organizers that creates a wonderful opportunity for the organizers to enhance their business.
  • Esports platforms have a large number of active players and development of esports tournament websites by the organizers can easily give a user based platform to the audience. 
  • Gaming enthusiasts are always looking for challenging gaming platforms and esports tournament websites can help them in participating in the most entertaining and engaging platform. 
  • Esports tournament websites include several games that attract players on a platform easily. 

All of the above are the reasons that show the benefits of developing an esports tournament website. The organizers must opt for this to enlarge the business in the market. 

Features that must be included in the Esports Tournament Website

The right kind of esports website feature creates goodwill for the brand. Thus, the organizers need to implement the following features on the website:

  • There must be various customization available for the users so that they can add different leagues and tournaments as per their choice.
  • The users must be able to analyse the reports of the match.
  • The website must-have features of adding and eliminating events as per the needs of the users.
  • Esports management portal must be available for the users to add teams and players as per their choice.
  • Social networks are the most trending platforms. The website must include this feature to share the experience of the users.
  • The leaderboard feature must be available on the website for the users to compare and analyze the performance of their team.
  • The website must be user-friendly and responsive that must be accessible by the users easily.
  • The user panel features such as match policy, user profile, sign-in/sign-up screen, player’s wallet screen, etc. must be present on the website. 

These are the features that must be available on the website. These features will make a website attractive and user-friendly. As per the current market trend, the organizers must opt for the website with the above feature to attract an audience to the business.

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Various Steps Involved in Developing an Esports Tournament website

Esports tournament website can make it easy for esports players to participate. Users can analyze and track the games and events of their choice. The esports tournament website with features involves various games and events.

The popular tournament website covers games at multiple levels and offers mobile apps to users. Thus organizers must develop esports tournament website in the following ways:

Esports Website Builder

Esports website builder is the easiest way for developing an esports tournament website. The website builder can help in building esports tournament websites with several features such as social networking, view match reports, tournament schedules, leaderboard, etc. 

The organizer can also opt for a management portal through an esports website builder. It has many website templates available to create an attractive esports tournament website. Thus, the organizers can easily create their sites with just the sign-up process and the organizer can grab the benefits of esports website builders.


It is one of the popular approaches to build an esports tournament website. WordPress have themes and plugins that control the look and functions of the website. It has many themes available that can be customized by the owner as per their choice. These features can be used for creating esports teams, organizing tournaments, and building a community.

The WordPress themes are also helpful in building online shops and esports merchandise. The organizers need to buy web hosting and can manage the content of esports easily. The organizers also get the relevant reviews from the experts without hiring developers for the website. 

Developing Esports Tournament Website with Custom-Coding

It is one of the effective and feature-rich approaches to develop an esports tournament website. To follow this approach the organizers need to create a team of experts with  UI designers, business analysts, web developers, testers, and a project manager. Along with that, the organizers need to implement the following steps:

  • Wire-framing: It is one of the important and the first steps of developing a tournament website. It develops a structure and framing the base for the website. 
  • Designing: It is the second step that aims to create an attractive and influencing website for users. It develops a user- friendly and responsive interface for the users of the website.
  • Development: It is a crucial step for the development of a website, once the website design has been finalized the development of executed coding on the website ensures the response of the users towards the website.
  • APIs: This step stands for appropriate programming interfaces that anticipate the interaction between website and users. 
  • Quality Assurance: This step includes testing of the website that shows the performance and faults of the website. 
  • Development and Operations: Lastly, this step includes the reduction of the process of the website.


At present people are looking for entertaining and engaging gaming options and esports platforms have many games involved that work as a one-stop solution for the game enthusiasts.

The market of the esports industry attracts a huge audience in the market that allows the business owners to try their hands in esports business.

As stated above there are various benefits and features available through esports. Along with that, there are many approaches with steps available that help the organizers to develop an esports tournament website to boom in the market of esports.