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Evil Nun, as its title explicitly implies, is a horror game that has been t...

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Evil Nun, as its title explicitly implies, is a horror game that has been trending in the world since its release in 2018. If you are a horror game enthusiast, you will surely like the intense and suspenseful feeling this game creates. Just the creepy face of the nun is something you cannot “unsee”. Once you play it, her evil face will keep on lingering in your head at night or every time you feel scared. Truly, the game has made a great impact on anyone who has played it for the first time. online7game7site.com The graphics, eerie sound effects, and entire gameplay just sets the entire atmosphere completely horrifying to watch and play.

Live or The Cycle Continues

Playing it on PC just makes that gaming experience even better because for one, you have a bigger screen; and second, the controls are very easy to navigate. You just need to download the game online through Games.lol for free and install it on your computer. Once it is in, you can start right away in playing against the Evil Nun. But the game itself, as it seems, is not that easy. The ultimate goal is to escape the school, where the setting of the game begins, without getting caught by the nun. If you get caught, you will be killed, only to be sent back the next day to do it all over again.

You Have 5 Spine-Chilling Days

The game is set for five days and you need to know how to escape the school without letting the nun catch you. The real challenge is that the nun is very sensitive to even the faintest sound or movement, so everything you do must be discreet. The school has a lot of hiding places to discover and hide if you do spot the nun nearby. In the span of five days, there are items you need to collect to solve mind-boggling puzzles before you can make your exit safely. Do take note that some items are very difficult to find because the nun is lurking everywhere to find you.

Objects To Collect, Places to Discover

Some of the essential objects you need to collect to be able to escape are:

  • White blanket
  • Eagle’s wings
  • Small cable
  • Goat’s head
  • Scissors
  • Locker code
  • Dynamite
  • Doll
  • Crank
  • Oil
  • Definite Bible
  • Black, Yellow and Pink keys

Aside from that, you need to check the important places in the area:

  • Beginning bedroom
  • Exit door room
  • Classrooms (ground and upper floor)
  • Kitchen
  • Skeleton room
  • Secret tunnel
  • Library

Modes For Beginners

As a beginner, you also need to learn about the different difficulty modes in the game. Usually, players start it out with the ghost mode so that they can move around invisibly. You can survey the entire area, and check out the items you will be needing in the real game. The nun cannot see or hear you so it is best for practice. Some other modes that you can try once you’ve studied the Ghost Mode well are the Dream, Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Story mode.

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Be Ready to Fight Back

Now, as the mode gets difficult, be prepared as the nun will follow you around vehemently. If she sees you going to a hiding place, she can open the door and hit you with the hammer. You can, of course, attack the nun if you have some bendy objects. The dynamite doll is also a good one to throw at her when you are cornered because this will knock her out for more than a minute. This way, you have time to collect more items or escape.

If you are in the story mode, the final chapter is about rescuing the children in the laundry room. It is indeed a creepy thought knowing that there are children stuck in such a place. As the player, you need to use different strategies to free them out. There is a specific code in opening the laundry door and you can only solve it by collecting different items. BGMI 90FPS game

Playing Evil Nun is indeed interesting, fun yet spooky. But because of its amazing storyline, it makes you want to play it all over again even if you are hella scared. This game is fun to play along with friends and family as doing it alone may be very challenging. Focus on escaping the school and rescuing the children are the top things you must do to win this game against the eerie evil nun!