How to Unlock Amazon Firestick TV Full Potential (Expert Tips & Tricks)

    Conveniently available as a powered-up content streaming utility, the Amazo...

    By Divy Patel Updated

    Conveniently available as a powered-up content streaming utility, the Amazon Firestick tops the charts of user preferences when it comes to media versatility and cost-oriented parameters.

    Though the device is easy to operate, with a host of suitably available features, most of the amazing and greatly useful features of the device normally tend to remain alien to most of us. Uncovering the same, here are a few interesting tips and tricks that you can apply to make use of the full potential of your Amazon Firestick.

    Tips and Tricks to Fully Access the Amazon Firestick:

    Follow the ‘Jail Break’ Process

    There is a diversity of third-party steaming applications across the web that is known to house the choicest content varieties but cannot be accessed through the officially available Amazon App Store. Jailbreaking refers to installing such applications in your Firestick device so that you can use the same to access and enjoy endless varieties of excellent content.

    All you need to do is, navigate the ‘Settings’ of your Firestick device and tap the ‘Developer’ option. In the interface that appears next, enable the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ facility. You can now download and install APK files on your device from across the web. To stream or download your favorite content from these apps for free, you will essentially need to avail a VPN service.

    Make Your Smartphone a Firestick Remote

    You can operate your Firestick device through a recently launched Firestick remote application, which is free to use on the Amazon App Store. The app simply requires a download to your smartphone, followed by syncing the same with the Firestick device. The device comes in handy in instances of losing, misplacing, or improper functioning of the Firestick remote. You can check out Firestick Master for remote tips and tricks.

    Use the Smartphone Casting Utility of Firestick

    Generally unknown to most of us, the Amazon Firestick comes with an inbuilt facility that allows you to cast your iOS or Android smartphone to itself. To avail the screencasting feature, start by long-pressing the ‘Home’ key on your Firestick device, and tap the ‘Mirroring’ option that appears next.

    Having done this, navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your smartphone and enable the ‘Screen Cast’ option. A list of available devices pops up, from where you are required to click on the name of your Amazon Firestick device for connecting the latter with your smartphone.

     Clear the Firestick Cache

    It is common to encounter your Firestick device functioning with a time lag over prolonged usage. The underlying reason is the accumulation of a series of app files installed on your device. This may additionally work to hinder the performance of some specific applications. Clearing the cache of your device aids in increasing the latter’s operation speed and ensures smooth and responsive functioning.

    To address the concern, head to the device ‘Settings’ and hit the ‘Applications’ tab. In the menu that follows next, choose the ‘Manage Installed Applications’ option. A list of apps hindering the device performance will pop up, where you select each of them, followed by clicking on the ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ options to free up the storage space of your Firestick device.