How to Use Google Docs

It’s a bit overwhelming to get used to Google Docs at the start becau...

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It’s a bit overwhelming to get used to Google Docs at the start because of some complicated and different features it has. But the most important thing here is, do you actually know that what Google Docs is?

Google docs are offered by Google’s totally free word processor that is generally based on the web. It competes with Microsoft Office along with Google Drive services that it provides.

Some other beneficial points are cloud-based suite like excel and PowerPoint etc. But here are a few tips to get help in use and to get the proper benefit of Google Docs.

Make an account:

First, you need to sing up for the app by using your email and making a new account on Google Docs. All you need is to give the necessary information on the page like email, name, date of birth, etc.

It also demands to verify the phone number, and it is safe to do that as some might be wondering if it can cause you any trouble with privacy issues than it totally will not.

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This part also includes verification steps like you are human or a robot etc. after completing all the requirements now, you are the proud new user of the Google Docs.

Creating a blank document:

As a beginner, you need to go step by step for the proper use of Google Docs. First, learn to create a blank document. All you need is to click on the multiple color PLUS sign at the bottom right corner. Click on it and go to the pencil, and here your new blank doc.

Spelling checking:

When you are editing or creating a doc File, it is crucial to have correct spelling and grammar. No need to have a separate app for grammar or spelling checking. Docs already have this feature. Any time you feel that something is misspelled, the doc will underline that spell and allow you to make changes in it.

Follow this step Tools > Spelling > Underline errors

Now there are ways to correct the incorrect word. Right-click on the misspelled word and saw correct spellings. Or press Ctrl + Alt + X or either way Command + Alt + X to reach spell check or grammar tools. Another way is to click on A at the bar to get spell check. Doc also gives you a wide range of dictionary words. All you need is to highlight the word, right-click, and then go to the definition of the word.

Collaborating with others on doc:

One of the best features of Google Docs is allowing a shareable link that helps anyone get into that specific Document, suggest different edits, and view either way. It saves time to send the whole file again and again. Everything could get done at one platform. It’s like editing on the same device with the other person at the same time.

All you need to do is go to share the bottom and choose what and how and where you want to share that doc. You can also shareable links at the corner, which allows you to invite anyone to that doc.

Importing Microsoft Word Doc:

It is evident that many users will already have some MS word files inside their system and might want to import them into Google Drive. So it is essential to upload them into Google Drive before viewing them. All you need is to click on the top right corner where there is written “upload”. Go to that tab and upload the desired file. It has been uploaded, so the doc will automatically open it next time you will try to view it. And the data will be ready to edit, collaborate, or for sharing purposes.

Now this Document is all ready to get download in any form like PDF, ODT HTML, or DOCX.

Using Google Docs offline:

Sometimes, the user does not have access to the internet, but he needs to get to the Google Docs files. Although Google Docs is all based on the web but doesn’t bound it to have access to the internet, you can also use it without the internet and offline. All you have to do is to make an extension for the Google and whatever file that you want to get offline, enable it to get offline be forehead. It will get updated every time you get an internet connection.

Follow these steps menu > settings and tap on the offline and the “OK.”

To save storage in the device, Google Docs save only recent files to the device. To avoid Save manual files or files of your choice, tap on three dots and press on “Available offline”

Adding page numbers in the Document:

Page numbers are sometimes needed while making your doc I order to get the visual explanation of in which file you are and on which page number so that you can place them in organize manners, in case you will print them, it will be easy to have the order of pages. But Google Docs cannot create page numbers automatically. But it allows you to add page numbers manually. And it also allows if you want to add them to the header or the footer.

Follow these steps click insert > Header & page number > Page number.

Then the window will open that will give you options to have different styles.

Creating margins in Document:

The boarders at the sides of the Document are termed as margin. It is not the visible lines; these are just invisible margins or borders. Decreasing the margins because of the more use of the page space. You can manage the margins with rulers on the top and side of the Document.

Follow these steps, click file > page setup, enter the space amount of your desire and then press “OK”.

Adding text box:

To get some highlighted parts and to draw attention to some text or the elements of the Document, Google Docs allow getting to this feature, but it is not very common in use.

To get to the drawing menu, follow these steps insert > drawing and click on Text icon, a box will appear, add desired text, and then “SAVE & CLOSE.”

Adding the table of contents:

Table of content is the list of all the chapters and topics that have been described in the Document.

Follow these steps, click insert > table of contents and then click o desired options. One option is a blank table, and the second option uses hyperlinks in the documents.

Finding total words or page counts:

Although Google Docs does not have this feature to give us the words count as Microsoft does. Still, anyone can check the total number of word count or page counts manually because sometimes there is the restriction to the absolute terms count or the whole word limit, and the user has to keep track of the total words.

Follow these steps Tools > Word count.

Or press Ctrl + Shift + C if you are using the window or if on Mac press Command + Shift + C.

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