Ideas for Building Best Apps (Best-Sellers 2022)

Are you ready to create the best-selling App and become successful in life?...

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Are you ready to create the best-selling App and become successful in life? Very exciting! This article will save some of your time. So you can start looking for the new BMW convertible with red leather seats, or a beach house with the ocean view pool. You will need both soon!

To make your app successful you pretty much need two things. (Yes, it’s that simple!) Let’s start with the first one: you need a concept! Something very cool, something that will make people come to you and give you their dollars. Great…but a little foggy, isn’t it? To help, we have done some research. Here is what we have found out.

Have you ever heard the names Uber? Pokemon GO? Tripadvisor? Sounds familiar, right? Bet you have at least one of them on your phone. Now think what they have in common beyond being so high in demand. All three use GEO data. That is exactly what makes them so convenient as Uber, so augment as Pokemon GO and so personalized as Tripadvisor.

GIS, or location-based services – definitely a trend you should consider for your app. Geo intelligence enables accurate targeting to expand your prospect outreach. It’s the basis of excellent, personalized customer service. Outstand to make consumers come back over and over again.

Take a look at these great ideas for your business app, and turn them into a profitable business!

Environmental Design-Augmented Reality

These types of apps will let your users get immersed in a whole different world. It will be a mix of real-world images and digital content. A few ways these apps can be used are visiting a place the user has never been and decorating an area to their specifications. They’ll feel like their in the virtual world they see Like City Planning Software.

Railway Tracking

These apps are especially helpful for those that ride the bus . Not only can they see routes and arrival or departure times but they can also see which routes are available and where the train is. They’ll have a better idea of how long they’ll have to wait and when they should expect the train to arrive or leave.

Bike Servicing

You never know when something will happen with your bicycle that requires a repair. Having this app can help you find a bike servicing business regardless of where you’re at. These apps are especially helpful for those that ride their bikes quite a bit.

Scan to Shop

These apps can be used in a couple of different ways. The first is by calculating the prices of the products depending on where you’re at. This will result in having a better idea of how much you’ll be paying. The other way is by showing certain product information, such as nutritional information, where it was made, and how it’s used.

Mall Navigation

With malls having so many stores, it can be easy to get lost or have a hard time finding various stores. With a mall navigation app, you can see exactly where you need to go. It could be set up like a GPS app and work the same way apps like Waze, Google Maps, Esri, and Apple Maps work.


Regardless of what is going on in the world, there’s always going to be people that workout. Many of them incorporate fitness in their everyday life. With GIS apps, you can serve them in many ways. For instance, tracking statistics and giving exercise ideas or routines.

Real-Time Car Sharing

Car-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become popular. With a real-time app, your users will be able to see which drivers are around them and where they are on the map. This helps give an idea of where the driver is and how long it will take for them to arrive.

Food Recommendations

Many people are interested in great food and love finding new restaurants. With a food recommendation app, you can help your users find the best food in their location. Besides recommendations, you could let users share pictures and experiences with different restaurants.

Parking Space Finder

There’s nothing worse than trying to find a free parking space in a packed parking lot. A parking space finder can help you with this. Not only can it tell you how many free spaces are in a parking lot but it can also let you know their exact location.

Supermarket Checkout

It can be exhausting to get your groceries and unload them all at the register. You can help your users by starting a supermarket checkout app. People will be able to scan their purchases or select them online and pay immediately or at the register. If they go to the register, the cashier can scan the phone and get the total.


When you’re buying and selling products, it’s important to track tracking information as often as possible. A logistics app can keep you updated and let your users know when they should expect their packages.

Home Security

There are very few things more important than keeping your home safe. A home security app can connect to your user’s home security system. It let them have a more in-depth view of what’s going on. You can offer options including notifications when there is movement and where the alarm was tripped if it starts going off.

All us need a little extra help with various subjects so offering a tutor search app can be very helpful. You can have choices for different subjects and have other options that will let them customize what they are looking for. Some examples would be the gender of a tutor, certain degrees or certifications, and what days they are available.

Disaster Management

You never know when a disaster could strike so it would be a great idea to offer a disaster management app. Not only could you offer services that let your users save money but you could also show disaster resources for their area.

Those that are busy might find it hard to make sure their house stays clean. In this case, they could use a housekeeper search. Some options you could offer include pricing, years of experience, location, and how far they are willing to travel. Your users can use these to search for the best housekeeper for their needs.

Consult a Doctor

Once the final app is one that would let you consult a doctor. This could let you know whether you need to be seen immediately or if you can wait and make an appointment. Remember to put an alert to let users know they are talking to a medical professional at their own risk. Your business can’t be held accountable.

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As you can see, there are many cool options for your future app. If you aren’t sure of exact details, you can learn more about creating a location-based app here. Or talk to an expert app developer and see what you can come up with! It’s always good to leverage someone else’s experience. It saves your time, money and peace of the mind.