A simple answer could be “why not both?” which is pretty much considerable but you know it’s not the answer we are giving you right here.

Imagine you order ice cream and the dude at the counter asks you what flavors. You want vanilla but you also want chocolate and if they give one scoop of each, you’d have one chocolate and one vanilla. Although they’re both ice cream flavors once they’re in the same cup or cone, their flavors will submerge together and either cause chaos or heaven in your mouth depending on your personal preferences.

Now that we have all your attention, we can get back on our topic.

Just like those vanilla and chocolate ice cream, Instagram and Facebook are both ice-creams but different flavors. Although they’re both owned by the same person, Mark Zuckerberg, they’re each other’s biggest competitors lately.

Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion ($300 million in cash and rest in Facebook stocks). At that time, Instagram wasn’t as popular as it was and as we all know how these geniuses like Jeff, Mark, and Elon always plan for the future, Mark Zuckerberg saw the potential and listened after his guts and his analysis.

Fast forward to 2020, both of these platforms have evolved into much, much bigger platforms than they were a few years ago. As of 2020, Facebook has over 1.73 billion active users while Instagram is supposed to hit 112.5 million active users in 2020.  With these many active users on both of these platforms, all sorts of businesses from beverage companies to software houses to companies providing best academic helping services, everyone is taking advantage of them.

The question arises again, which one of these gigantic platforms is the best for B2C marketing? Well, the answer has never been simple enough to just be given in word so let’s have a look into it yourself and decide what’s better in your opinions.  

Is Facebook a Good Option for B2C Marketing?

Facebook is not a stranger to anyone and almost everyone who has been on the internet knows about it.

Facebook started for educational purposes only to become the biggest social media platform to ever exist and now one of the biggest marketplaces as well where anyone can sell anything.

For business purposes, Facebook has:

  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Ads

Facebook Pages

Anyone can make a Facebook page and start marketing their business there whether it’s about academic services or is about your clothing store. You can advertise and market anything to all sorts of the audience using Facebook pages.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way for business owners to market their service or product to a bunch of like-minded people at once, for example, if you run an apparel business, you can post about your products in a fashion-related group and catch a lot of audience at once.

You can post questionnaires or polls in groups to get to know people’s opinions and demands easily and plan strategy accordingly.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook wants to do everything including eliminating the need for craigslist.

Unlike Amazon or eBay, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge any sort of taxes or extra payment to sell or buy any product which makes it easier for businesses to post as many of their products there and reach out to more potential customers.

Anyone can post any item for sale in their region and get customers in no time.

Facebook Ads

Well, Facebook ads don’t need much explanation.

Ads can be initiated by any kind of page for any kind of post or product to reach out to a wider targeted audience.

Now let’s move towards Instagram in terms of marketing.

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Is Instagram the Best for B2C Marketing?

When Facebook bought Instagram, it relatively had a smaller audience on it but right now, it’s beyond imagination.

If you are thinking about what makes Instagram a better option for B2C marketing, then we have got your answers. Things such as:

  • Influencer Culture
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Ads

Influencer Culture on Instagram

If you look back a few years ago, being an influencer seemed like a dream if not a joke but in 2020, anyone with talent can be an influencer.

Being an Instagram influencer can be a full-time career for anyone if they work hard enough on it. The influencer culture is backed by great marketing as a lot of businesses hire these influencers to market their products or services to their audience and it always works out pretty great.

For example, someone who is selling shoes can contact a fashion influencer for marketing purposes. The instagram followers will see the product and interested people would buy it. It’s one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to authentic customers easily.

Instagram Stories

We all know that the whole “stories” thing is the idea of Snapchat but we all know that Instagram kind of left Snapchat behind with their features related to stories.

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your audience using the question stickers and polls and the rating stickers. You can know your customers and their demands better and let them send you their suggestions and advice about how you can make your products or services better.

Instagram Ads

Instagram, just like Facebook, also lets you put out ads. You can put out the picture of your cat as an ad on Instagram to gain followers as well as advertise your products or services to the right amount of people for your decided time.

Instagram also allows story ads that allow viewers to directly swipe-up and get on the website easily which increases customer-business interaction.

Final Verdict

Both are beneficial in their own ways in different terms. Using both of them equally is the best way to get your business’s online reputation higher than ever before.