Top 7 BEST Custom ROM in 2021

Android is The Best Stable Rom Ever. But, Some People need more Customize U...

By Jonathan Kingston Updated

Android is The Best Stable Rom Ever. But, Some People need more Customize User Interface (UI) and User Expression (UX) in There Phone. 

So, the Developer Made a Custom Rom with Full Customization and More Features.

There are Lots of Custom Rom to Download and Install in Your Phone. Like MIUI, LineageOS, Havoc OS, Resurrection Remix, etc.

If You Don’t know How to install Custom Rom Then check it out How To Install Custom Rom in Android.

So, I made The Top 7 BEST Custom Rom in 2019 for You.

Here is Top 7 BEST Custom ROM in 2019

  1. Resurrection Remix
  2. Pixel Experience
  3. LineageOS
  4. AOSP Extended
  5. Havoc OS
  6. Evolution X
  7. MIUI

1. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is One of The Most well-known in The World of Custom Rom. It has Lots of Features and Best Custom Rom. 

But, For Custom Rom the Most Important Thing is Smooth and Stable Performance. And This Rom is Made for This.

The Resurrection Remix is Available For Almost All Phones, And It’s Has also GUI Option.

When You install The Rom it’s Look Like The Stock Rom. But, There is One Option in Setting called “Resurrection Tools”.

Using This Tools you can Fully Customize the OS Like Status Bar, Quick settings, Lock Screens, Animation, InterFace, And Much More…

It will Customize The All Thing You Want Like Double tap To Sleep on Status Bar, and Animation of Opening & Closing Apps.

So, We Can Called it The “King of Customization”.

Resurrection Remix os

I was Using This Rom since two Days for Experience and this Rom is Amazing Like I can Play Pubg Without Any Problem. 

Also, The Battery life of this rom is excellent because this rom using the Custom kernel called Pixel+.


  • Fully Customize A To Z Things.
  • Best Battery Life using Pixel+ Kernel.
  • Supported on Almost All Phones.
  • Smooth and Stable Performance.

2. Pixel Experience

So Guys, if You Love the Pixel Phone and OS. But, Unfortunately Pixel Phone are Too Expensive. So, What can You do now?

The Pixel Experience is Based on the Pixel OS. Using This ROM you can Make Your Phone Look Like Pixel Phone.

In This Rom, Everything is copy from the Pixel phone even the Android 10.

Pixel Experience ROM

In this Rom the GCAM will Work perfectly. This is Only Rom that Support the GCAM including Portrait Mode. VOLTE is Also Supported on this Rom. So, You can Use 4G Speed and Video call support.

And This Pixel Experience Rom is Come with The Android 10 Version. The Pixel Experience is Best Custom Rom for Pixel lover users.

It also Come with Android new Gesture Like Swipe to Switch Apps, Navigation Bar Like android 10 etc.. 

The Pixel Experience Also Have Best Battery Life using Dark Mode.

This Rom Have All The Feature in The Android 10 like Dark Mode, Digital Wellbeing, Gesture, etc.


  • Best Battery Life.
  • Supported on Almost All Phones.(use GUI)
  • Stable Performance like Pixel Phones.

3. LineageOS

LineageOS is Also Based on The Android 10 and Rom that has Android 10 in not stable roms. But, LineageOS is Support the Android 10 and also Stable.

Recently, The LineageOS 17 is Released. And It include More Features. And The LineageOS 17 is Available major of Devices. It’s Great.

lineage os

Another Best Feature of LineageOS is You can Install Any Custom Kernel To increase Performance, Battery Life, Smooth Run, Gaming Boost. If You don’t know about kernel than refer this page to Custom Kernel Guide.

LineageOS has Less Features than other OS like Resurrection Remix. But, if You are Looking for Stable Android 10. So, i highly Recommended you to Install this Custom Rom.

It has Great Feature called Permission manager. Basically, it manages the Permissions of Different apps.

so, LineageOS is Also Best Custom Rom.


  • Less Customization compare to Resurrection Remix.
  • Supported on Most of All Phones.(use GUI)
  • Android 10 Stable Rom.

4. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is one of the Oldest Custom ROM. It also has AOSP Wallpaper app. Where you can find the Best Wallpaper Related to AOSP Theme. 

AOSP extended is Also Count in One of the Best Custom Rom.

It has Dark Mode, Night Mode, and Other Quick Features like in Resurrection Remix. Like Resurrection Remix OS there is one Option in Menu called “Extensions”. Using This Tool Feature You can Customize Your Phone. 


But, This Feature is not Good as Resurrection Remix OS Feature.

The Battery Life is Quite Average on AOSP Extended Custom Rom. It has 7 hours on Display usage.

This Rom uses the Different Type of Kernel. It shows the Kernel is “NotKernel+”. I don’t know what is This Kernel.

Yes, The VOLTE is Working properly. But, The Internal call recording is not Working.


  • Features like Dark Mode, Night Mode.
  • Supported on Most of All Phones.(use GUI)
  • Average Battery Life.

5. Havoc OS

The Havoc OS 3.0 is Released For Many of Devices. It has very Popular OS nowadays. Like Resurrection Remix it has Also Option for Customization called “Havoc settings”. And, Using This Option You can Customize The Interface.

Havoc OS

The Havoc OS support Status bar, Quick Settings, Lock Screen, Buttons, Navigation, Sound, Recent Screen Customization, Cool gestures, and Plenty of Other Features.

So, in The Feature, The Havoc OS is Best Custom Rom.

The Stability is not Good compared to Other OS. But, The Battery Life is Excellent. 

There is no Performance issue in This OS. All the Features are Work Properly.

You Should once install this OS.


  • Features like Status bar, Quick Settings, Lock Screen, Buttons, Navigation, Sound, Recent Screen Customization, Cool gestures.
  • Supported on Most of All Phones.
  • Average Battery Life.

6. Evolution X

If You’re Looking For The BEST Gaming Custom Rom. Then This Rom is For You.

So, This Rom is Available on Android 10. And, Support as many Phones.

Evolution X ROM

This Rom is Best For Gaming because it has The Best Gaming Kernel called Dirty Kernel. And it comes with Evolution X Best Custom Rom. 

Because of This Kernel, The Day To Day Life is Faster like Opening App is Faster, Animation is Smoother, And You Can Also Use The Video Editing in this Rom.

This Rom comes with Lots of Feature Like You can Customize your HomeScreen without any Third Party App.


  • Smooth and Stable Performance.
  • Supported on Most of All Phones.
  • Best Battery Life.
  • Best ROM for Gaming.


MIUI is Best Custom Rom Ever. It has Come With MI Phones. But, You can Install it on Your Phone. It has Best Performance in Battery Life and Day To Day Life. 

miui custom rom

MIUI has Lots of Features like Best Status bar, Clean UI, Screen Recorder, and More Features. Recently The MIUI 11 is Launched. And it comes with Always on screen display, 3d images, Battery Backups etc.

The MIUI has its own Theme Manager. Where you Find Lots of Theme, Fonts, Wallpaper, and Much More. This Rom has Best Battery Life (9 hours on Screen).

In Gaming, This Rom has Dicent Performance. So, This is Also Best Custom Rom For Your Devices.


  • Best Battery Life.
  • Smooth and Stable Performance.
  • Supported on Most of All Phones.


Here is The Top 7 BEST Custom ROM For Your Devices. 

If You want To Fully Customization Rom then i suggest To Go with Resurrection Remix OS.

You want To Best Gaming Performance then go with Evolution X ROM.

You want to Best Features then Go with Pixel Experience or Havoc OS.

And if You want To Best and Smooth UI then Go with LineageOS, MIUI, AOSP Extended.

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Now i want to Hear from You. Which Custom Rom is BEST and Which one You Like most?