The 4 Trends Changing Custom Software Development

Off-the-shelf vs Custom Software Development When we talk about outsourcing...

By Lilly Miller Updated

Off-the-shelf vs Custom Software Development

When we talk about outsourcing as a custom software solution, there is still a stigma surrounding it. Perhaps, you may imagine a packed office somewhere far away from the centres of technological development. And you may imagine the working process to be packed with difficult communication, unreliable results and paying more to get less.

Well, as someone who does work in a bespoke software development company I can say for a fact this is not what outsourcing really looks like. On the contrary, in our office in eastern Europe, our developers are enjoying great working conditions, which make them undeniably motivated to bring their a-game to every project like Route passage planning software.

The projects are developed by a small group of highly experienced programmers that work tightly together and communicate often and clearly with the client company.

Keeping the product on track, on budget and on time is a priority and is guided by our project managers, who have extensive experience with developing and launching software products successfully. If you wish to make your career in the software development domain then you may invest in the best DevOps Training which will master you in product development.

And if we are discussing cost, well – you may be surprised at the added value your company gets when you invest in the right production methods.

Cost vs Customization

“Why do I need to spend money on an outsourcing company when there are similar products i can buy off the shelf?”

While there are many viable options for a product already available on the market there are a few setbacks with going that route:

  1. They are not optimized to serve your business’ needs
  2. You pay for features that you may not need to use
  3. You may need to use a combination of tools rather than an all in one tool if you use only what is on the market – paying fees for each product.

The cost of customization is there but at the end of the day it may easily turn out you receive much higher value and better business opportunities.

Implementation and Integration

As far as implementation goes, the more control over development you have, the more the product will serve you. In addition, it allows you to account for any necessary integration with other systems as it is being developed, reducing the risks for issues with incompatibilities.

Bespoke development, like any other industry, changes and evolves over time to meet the market and the current demand. Here are some of the biggest trend shifts that change custom software development.

1. Machine learning and artificial intelligence disrupt old practices

Regardless of what you work, it is quite unlikely that you have not heard the fuss around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Or the high-expectations people have that it will completely shift the way certain practices are applied – from development and testing, all the way to customer support and marketing tools that serve business enterprises.

So it makes perfect sense that it will carry on in 2020 and also becomes a mission for custom software development to make the most of it and applying it in the ongoing projects.

2. The apps go on the cloud

More and more apps are developed for the sake of being functional on a cloud. This allows for a flexibility that has not been as widespread before as it is now. This has also multiple applications in other fields.

3. The unique business needs require different levels of personalization

Depending on how niche your industry is you will meet different difficulties. So having the options to work with different levels of personalization may easily be invaluable.

Working on having better options for personalization gives custom software an edge over anything you can buy off-the-shelf. And is also, understandably, a huge trend in the custom development industry.

4. Security climbs to the top of the priority list

Security has always been important, and so while this is not a new trend, it is taken in high priority. The goal is that software is not only customized in a way that serves the best purpose but is also safe to use. Both for your business’ employees,

What’s next?

Software development as an industry is growing at a lightning speed and needs solutions that can not only keep up but thrive with the pace of the changes. Outsourcing and custom solutions are one way to meet the demand, and while it has taken tremendous strides in the right direction there is more to be desired in 2020.

What do you believe should be the next step in custom software development? Which aspect do you think needs more room to grow, and how do you imagine it can be better?