What Makes Your Mobile App Slow? 4 Factors To Know Of Today

There could be umpteen reasons that your current mobile application is not ...

By Divy Patel Updated

There could be umpteen reasons that your current mobile application is not working as it should be. It could be witnessing several crushes. Chances are that your users find it very frustrating because of its loading speed. Maybe the animations are a little too slow. The following section talks about a few such reasons both technical and superficial that could impact the functioning of your mobile app.

1. Is Your Mobile App Old?

If your mobile app has become obsolete, it means that you haven’t been releasing regular updates to it over the past few months. Remember, if you want to keep your mobile app active, fast, responsive, and efficient, you have to roll out regular security as well as feature updates over the air. You must take into consideration the frequency with which both iOS and Android operating systems are updated because that enables you to keep your mobile app compatible with any device that your user might be using.

2. Fault In Your Software Development Kit

You have to get in touch with a dependable app developer who understands what it takes to keep your app performing even with limited resources. There could be a problem with the library within your application or the software development kit that was provided to you by the vendor. Probably your images are being uploaded in very high-quality thumbnails which is not required. It could be that the chat window or the discussion forum is taking up a lot of resources of the application. They could be a major bug with the application that is causing it to slow down. Find out what it is!

3. Connections Are Not Optimized

There could be a problem with your SSL or TLS connections. This feature is what provides encryption to your mobile application for all the data that is in transit. It is a very crucial aspect of mobile development latin america companies follow. It is never advised to overlook them. When not optimized well enough, they can create problems for your mobile app. This usually results in your app performing a little slowly. You need to reduce the connection overhead with clients for each session. Think about the use of OpenSSL, session caching, session tickets, and similar measures to solve this problem.

4. Too Much Data In Your Mobile App

This is not very difficult to understand. When your app becomes overloaded with data it slows down significantly. If too many servers are loaded on it, it is going to take a lot of time for the application to respond to the commands of the user. The only solution is to optimize the various functionalities of the app so that it uses data efficiently. Compressing data is also an option that works for both the developer and the user. This makes your app load faster without compromising any of its features and functionalities.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps can get sluggish or riddled with bugs and errors for many reasons. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to identify those issues before you roll out any of its versions.