WhatsApp Web is the Fastest and Easy Way to Send Messages to someone Else. Earlier WhatsApp is An Application to In Android and IOS.

In fact, WhatsApp is the Most Popular Messaging App in the World.

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    You can imagine how WhatsApp is Changing World communication.

    However, WhatsApp is coming out New Feature to Run WhatsApp on Desktop Browsers.

    Hey Guys, My name is Divy Patel, and Today I have shared With You everything about the WhatsApp Web, How To use it, it is safe or not.

    What is Needed To Run WhatsApp Web

    The WhatsApp is a Very secured Application and Website Also. However, There are Some Requirements To Run The WhatsApp Web in Browsers.

    1. Android or IOS Phone With Running Rear Camera.
    2. Laptop or PC With Installed Web Browser Like Google Chrome.
    3. Must-Have Internet Connection in Both Devices.
    4. In Phone, There Is the Latest Version of WhatsApp.

    Download WhatsApp: Android, IOS

    How WhatsApp Web is Work?

    WhatsApp Web is Very Secure and Fastest Site. However, WhatsApp Does not have All The Features of The Phone App.

    In Fact, WhatsApp Can Not Work Without Mobile Phone Verification. You need to connect it, and After That You Will Use it.

    If the Message Come into Your Phone, You will also See it on WhatsApp Web. If The Message is not Received, You may not have Active Internet Connection.

    The WhatsApp is Similar to other chat apps. However, It Also Makes Difference with Security and Features.

    How To Setup WhatsApp Web in Browser?

    To Setup The WhatsApp Web You Need to Follow The Steps That Are given below.

    Step 1 – Open Your Google Chrome Browser on Pc or Laptop.

    Step 2 – Go to web.whatsapp.com

    Step 3 – On Your Phone, Goto WhatsApp and tap Menu > WhatsApp Web To QR Code Reader.

    Step 4 – Point Your Mobile Phone Rear Camera to the QR code of the PC or Laptop Screen.

    As Soon as QR Code is Scan, the WhatsApp Web is Active and Ready to use. The WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Mobile Will Be Synced.

    How To Setup and Install WhatsApp web in Laptop?

    WhatsApp web is Also a Software to use WhatsApp in Laptop and Computer.

    Here is How to install WhatsApp web in Laptop.

    Step 1 – Go to whatsapp.com

    Step 2 – Click on Download in Menu.

    Step 3 – click on download for Windows option and You will get Download.

    Step 4 – After download, just clicks next and done. You will install the WhatsApp web in Your Pc or Laptop.

    Step 5 – Now, You can set the WhatsApp Devices.

    What You Can Do With WhatsApp Web

    • Use Your Keyboard To Type The Message.
    • View Contact info.
    • Reply, forward, Star and Delete Message.
    • View WhatsApp Status.
    • Share photos, Videos, and Document Direct From PC or Laptop.
    • Sent Message in Group and Any Friends.
    • Change Your Profile.
    • Mute Desktop Alerts, Sounds.
    • Sent emojis, GIFs, and Stickers To anyone.
    • Download The Media to Your PC.

    What You Can’t Do With WhatsApp Web

    • You Can’t Make or Receive WhatsApp Voice calls or WhatsApp Video Calls.
    • You can’t Share Maps or Your Current Location.
    • You Can’t Send a WhatsApp Broadcast.
    • You can’t Change media download Settings.
    • Settings are Limited to Notification and Chat Wallpaper.

    There are Some Unimportant issues. We can’t do with WhatsApp.

    However, WhatsApp Are Giving More and More Functionality To Increase Performance.

    What Make WhatsApp Web Special than Others

    Other Chat Services Have Also Online Chatting Facility. So, Why WhatsApp Web is Make More Special Than Others.

    Because of the Keyboard. Yes, absolutely Right.

    If You Want Conversations  With Someone, it’s easier To Type on The Keyboard in Fastest Way.

    In fact, WhatsApp Web also Has WhatsApp Business To Make Your Business Account.

    The WhatsApp Web Also Support Keyboard Shortcuts. The Most Useful Shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + To Go The Previous Chat, and Ctrl + shift + To go next chat.

    WhatsApp Web is Safe or not?

    While Come To security, The WhatsApp Has Full Security to there accounts. WhatsApp Uses The End-To-End Encryption for all its Messages.

    WhatsApp Are Also Safety for Your Photos whether you’re using it on the web or Phone.

    How To Log Out of WhatsApp Web?

    If you are using WhatsApp Web on Your Personal Computer or Laptop Than You Stay Logged in.

    However, if you are using someone else Computer Than You Logout After you are done.

    To Logout Follow The Step that Is Given Below.

    Step 1 – To log out of WhatsApp web on Desktop, go to Menu > Log Out.

    Step 2 – To Log out From your Phone, just Goto Menu > WhatsApp Web > Logout from all devices.

    This is How You Can Logout from all devices.

    WhatsApp Web Tips And Tricks

    There are lots of Tips and Tricks That used in WhatsApp web. We provide you the best tips and tricks that increase your WhatsApp Expression.

    Tips #1: Use Your Keyboard Shortcuts

                The WhatsApp Provide You the Keyboard Facility To Take Full Advantage of it. These can make you a perfect typing master also.

    Here are List of Some Keyword Shortcuts-

    • Ctrl + N : Start new chat
    • Ctrl + Shift + ] : Next chat
    • Ctrl + Shift + [ : Previous chat
    • Ctrl + E : Archive chat
    • Ctrl + Shift + M : Mute chat
    • Ctrl + Backspace : Delete chat
    • Ctrl + Shift + U : Mark as unread
    • Ctrl + Shift + N : Create new group
    • Ctrl + P : Open profile status

    Apart from that, There is also Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.

    TIP #2: Type and Send Emojis with Keyboard

    Some message is felling incomplete without emojis. WhatsApp is given Type to Emojis in WhatsApp web. Click the Emojis icon and sent to someone else.

    While in Regular text box, Shift+;/: Key is used.

    :th will show:

    :Thu will show:

    Use Keyboard arrow to Go on next or the Previous emojis. Press enter to write the Emojis in Text Box.

    TIP #3: Read Messages Without Blue Tick

    When you read someone to see the Message, the Message will convert into a blue tick.

    However, in WhatsApp web, you can see the message without a blue tick.

    Here’s what you do:

    Step 1 – open the WhatsApp web chat.

    Step 2 – open any other app like Notepad and set the size in a way that you can see the WhatsApp.

    Step 3 – Click on a notepad and keep courser there as the Computer thinks you are working in a different window.

    Step 4 – Message will load in Background. Moreover, without a blue tick, you can see the Message.

    Step 5 – When you want to blue tick go to WhatsApp web tab, and the Message will be converted into a blue tick.

    TIP #4: Increase volume or Audio playback speed

    Like the WhatsApp application, you can’t make a video call. However, you can send voice or video messages.

    However, What does when the message is too long and too, perhaps?

    Zapp is chrome extension for WhatsApp. With the Help of Zapp Extension, You can Increase The Volume & Audio message. You can go to 2X payback speed.

    TIP #5:  Use Multiple WhatsApp Web

    If you have multiple accounts and want to use in one Laptop or Computer.

    You can do that by using Incognito mode.

    You Use the incognito mode to open Multiple WhatsApp accounts.


    WhatsApp is Most Growing and Popular to use the app.

    Moreover, WhatsApp Web is Also handy Feature to use WhatsApp on Laptop or Computer.

    Now it’s Turn to you. What is the Messaging app that you used most?

    Moreover, if you Using WhatsApp than Which devices is Used Mobile or Desktop?

    Please give the Comment below.

    Moreover, Also Mention if I something is Missing.

    I hope you like this Article.

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