Why You Should Learn to Build Custom Apps

In today’s highly dynamic environment, everything has a redefined shape. ...

By Lilly Miller Updated

In today’s highly dynamic environment, everything has a redefined shape. Even the business environment also drastically changed. The pace of change in the business environment is faster than ever before.

Therefore, survival requires incessant future-focused activities. It means that you must constantly adapt business changes that are happening in your ecosystem. More and more organizations are initializing strategic shifts to be successful in the changing landscape, and mobile app development is one of the most trending shifts amongst all. In today’s world, business is all about making connections and finding opportunities, and a mobile application is the only way to achieve both at once.

Mobile application development is not a choice today; it’s a necessity for the organizations that want to stay alive in the throat-cutting competition. Mobile app development is not an easy process; it is a painful and expensive process that requires a hefty investment. See yourself how much does an app cost.

Although, the app development process is quite costly, it helps companies in improving the overall productivity and revenue.

This blog addresses all the practical reasons to help you understand why you should learn to build custom apps. Before we move on to discuss custom apps, let’s first take a brief look at what custom app is all about.

What is a Custom App?

The custom app caters to your business’s specific needs. Unlike other off-the-shelf software, custom applications only provide a solution to business-specific problems. Its features, designs, and the overall feel is custom developed for your target audience.

Examples of Custom Mobile Apps 

1. Airbnb

Back in August 2016, Airbnb launched a highly personalized app; the app provided all the features that were most relevant to the business.

Airbnb app was responsible for monitoring the users’ trip plans and travel preferences. Later, the data helps to provide a more personalized experience to the users.

As per the traveling preferences, the app suggests accommodation, restaurants, and other tourist attractions based on the user’s’ traveling and trip plans.

For example, if you are a music fan, then Airbnb will recommend you concert tickets rather than tickets for the museum.

Airbnb provided better user experience and user satisfaction due to its custom and personalized nature.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the leading café chains around the world. The café recently redesigned its app to make it more personalized.

The newly custom features of the apps allowed customers to add their details regarding the coffee type they usually drink, and time of the day when they enter into the outlet.

The app utilizes the information to serve customers better. The staff serves customers with their preferred coffee.

If someone doesn’t like chocolate, the app enables discount to try it. The app also helps users to track the Starbucks loyalty program.

 Now you have comprehended what custom app is all about. It’s time to explore why you should learn to build custom apps.

Reasons You Should Build a Custom App

#1. It Helps You Get Exactly What You Need

Every business is unique, and so the needs are. The traditional software model is not enough to fit in your specific business needs, and this is where the custom app works.

For example, if you are running an e-commerce store, then a custom app can help you to manage and track the inventories. You can also add other features, depending upon your needs.

#2. Increases Conversion Rates

If you are using it right, then the custom app may help you increase your conversion rates. You can add a button into the app that will enable users to contact you. In this way, your users may ask questions to you, and you can answer the queries on the go.

It will not only increases users’ satisfaction level but also increases your overall conversion rate. What’s more? The user engagement that you will get through the trick is definitely a bonus for your business.

#3. Promote Your Business

When you design a custom business app, you can integrate a social share button into it. The share button will allow users to share your app among friends and family. It ultimately promotes your app and increases your user base. In this way, you can cut down your marketing cost to some extent.

One more thing to keep in mind is the more users promote the app, the more online visibility your business will gain.

#4. Customize Customer experience

Since every business is fighting the battle to win the customers’ heart; therefore, it’s essential to take care of the user experience.

With custom mobile apps, businesses can create customized experiences for users. Based on the customer data, achieved via mobile app. Businesses can create tailored discount offers that suit users’ needs.

The tailored product discounts not only provide a great user experience, but also plays a crucial role in creating real customer loyalty.

#5. Improved Productivity

When it comes to designing a custom business app, the size of the business doesn’t matter at all. A custom business app can run multiple functionalities not only for customers but also for the workplace.

A custom app can also facilitate businesses with flexible workplace collaboration; you can integrate multiple collaboration functionalities to enhance your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

#6. Utmost Security

Another reason to go with a custom app is robust business security. A generic app may or may not have certain security features.

On the other hand, a custom app is solely customized as per your business, and you can strengthen your data security system.

It’s up to you whether you select on-premises storage or the cloud for your custom application. In case, if you are a large enterprise, then you can also go with multiple levels of authentication to control the accessibility of employees. Such security control is near to impossible with generic apps.

#7. Empowers You to Do Anything

Custom apps are great for businesses because it empowers you to do whatever you want to do with it. You can expand business and update features, including push notifications, chat option to directly deal with clients and a lot more.  A generic app will never give you this much freedom to customize.

#8. Power to Control

Let’s admit it. When you build a custom app, you become the owner of your selected solutions and have the power to control the functionalities and alter it whenever you want. A generic app can’t give you the power to control.

Similarly, a custom or bespoke app is capable of scaling your business growth according to its requirements. When a business purchases a custom app, it invests in itself.

Take Your Next Step to Customization

In terms of business, custom app development has immense potentials. It allows you to tailor solutions exactly according to your workflow and the nature of business. Custom apps not only help companies to manage things inside the organization but also significantly improves the overall customer experience.

If you want to stay ahead on the competitive edge, then don’t forget to take your next step to the custom development. Select the best app development company and start your project today.